A round of server-side hotfixes are rolling out to the Hearthstone servers. These may take some time to hit all the servers so don't expect the fixes to be live immediately. Read on for all the changes - we've got some good ones!

This post was updated at 7:08 PM Eastern to reflect new text in the Known Issues thread. Previously, Blizzard stated the turn limit was only 25 turns (its actually 30) and now they state it only applies to the Fighting Pit. Additionally, they did not call out that the matchmaking changes were specifically for Mercenaries, though our original article did point this out.

Quote From GnomeSayin

11/19 Update:
We are in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix that includes the following updates:

  • Fixes a bug that caused Aranna to lose her Battlegrounds Armor when she transforms.
  • Fixes a bug that caused Rush minions to be able to attack again if their position shifts.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented Mind Thief from triggering Combo effects.
  • Reduces the Mercenaries turn limit to 30 Turns (Fighting Pit only). This is a temporary fix to address “stalemate” situations in the mode while a larger fix is being worked on for a future update.
  • Loosens Mercenaries matchmaking rules for extremely high-end players.
    Update: The Mercenaries turn limit was reduced to 30 turns, not 25 turns as initially stated here.

We will update this post with any other major known issues as we track them. Thank you.