After a wild week of China controversy it's time to take a relaxing break with the Wild format. Things have gotten more Wild in Standard as well as 23 Wild cards got added to the Standard pool as a part of the Hallow's End event. Let's take a look what kind of spooky decks our community members have come up with!

Astral Druid

We'll start things off with Rofellos' Standard-friendly version of a wacky Wild deck: Astral Druid. Mulligan hard for those Astral Communions and play only big stuff for the rest of the game as reward. You can also swap in any big minions you like/own, in this deck size matters more than the effect of the card.

Handbuff Demonlock

If Paladins can pull off handbuff strategies in Wild, why couldn't Warlocks? Tatsuya has put together a list that concentrates heavily on making those smaller minions big.

Casino Mage

You will get some Unexpected Results with this deck as its every single card has a random effect of sorts. nosam77 seems to be the true disciple of Yogg.

Midrange Token Druid

This Token Druid isn't quite what you might expect, as it packs some big punches in the form of Mountain Giants. AskMe4MyDiscord has also included Malfurion the Pestilent in the list as a Control-oriented choice.

Egg Cubelock

After a quick check to Twitter I managed to find Hijo's Cubelock list from last season. The deck has had some changes from its Standard days but the winrate has stayed high, as HSReplay confirms.

Looking for more wackiness? Take a look at these Wild decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!