We've got a slipup, I repeat, we have a slipup! In Tavish's recent reveal, Blizzard has accidentally (or maybe purposely) revealed the identity of a new secret card coming in Fractured in Alterac Valley - Ice Trap.

Now, to be clear, we are not 100% certain this is the exact card that we'll see as the rarity and text is not known, but looking at the other secrets present within Tavish's Improved Secrets, they are all doubled in effect so we cut this one in half.

Ice Trap Card Image

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Improved Ice Trap Card Image

Note that although Ice Trap is a collectible card, we do not know its rarity yet so we haven't put the gem on the card - we don't need to be assuming that! In the case that we're wrong about the effect, please accept our apologies in advance and we'll be sure to issue a prompt correction once it has been officially confirmed.

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