Last weekend was home to Hearthstone Grandmasters Season 2 Playoffs in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas. 24 hopeful players entered the weekend hoping to book their place at the eighth-player Global Finals at BlizzCon later this year. Which three players were able to take those coveted spots at the biggest Hearthstone arena and what kind of terrors did they unleash against their opponents to get there? Read on to learn more!

Warning! This post contains spoilers all over! In case you want to watch the matches before seeing the results.

The Results

Due to the sheer amount of brackets involved, we won't be showing all results in this post. You can find them on the official website as follows:

Don't forget that you can find the decklists of each player by clicking the i-icon of the match of interest!

Tom Still on Top in Asia-Pacific

Two years after his victory at World Championships, Tom60229 showed that he's still interested in winning those big year's end tournaments. He started with a bye as group stage winner but was beaten in his first actual game by DawN. He was able to recover from that by beating the already-qualified Surrender and Tyler, before taking on Che0nsu in the final. Tom struggled to get a win with his Paladin, but was able to beat Che0nsu in the deciding mirror match and taking home a 3-2 victory.

Tom60229's Decks

Che0nsu's Decks

Casie Finally Taking a Big Win

We almost had another World Champion qualify for BlizzCon as Hunterace made it all the way to the Final but was no match for Casie, who was finally able to win a major tournament after getting so close numerous times last year. Having lost to Jarla, but beating both Kolento and Thijs, Casie advanced from the initial group as runner-up. As the tournament progressed Casie just kept picking up pace, beating SilverName 3-1 in semifinals before sweeping Hunterace's Druid 3-0 in the final.

Casie's Decks

Hunterace's Decks

Bloodyface Continuing Where He Left Off Last Year

Bloodyface started to concentrate more on Hearthstone last year and ended up qualifying twice to World Championships with two Top 4 finishes in Seasonal Championships. Arguably, he didn't have the best Season 1 in the novel Grandmaster system, finishing 7th in his group with 5-9 record, but was able to redeem himself this season. Starting with couple of quick 2-0s against Purple and Justsaiyan, he progressed as group winner to face Nalguidan in semifinals, winning 3-1. He faced Purple again in the final, and this time the Canadian put up a much stronger fight. Purple went in 2-0 lead with Bloodyface's Priest losing both games before getting his Druid reverse swept and BlizzCon dream denied by Bloodyface's eventual 3-2 victory.

Bloodyface's Decks

Purple's Decks

0 13720 212 0
0 4680 159 0
0 6500 116 0

The Completed BlizzCon Lineup

These are the eight players that will battle for the biggest crown of the renewed Hearthstone esports system.









Don't forget to tune in later this week as the last Masters Tour event of the year takes place in Bucharest!