We've got a new paid cosmetic debuting in Battlegrounds with the release of Hearthstone patch 22.0 this Tuesday, November 30.

The first board is called "Arena of Champions" and can be seen down below.

Although pricing information is notably absent from the post, as is usual with Blizzard's patch notes, I'd wager this won't be much more than $10. You can pick it up after Tuesday's 22.0 patch goes live from the Hearthstone shop.

What do you think of the new board? What price point would you be willing to pay for it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Quote From Blizzard

Bob’s got something new to show you. Introducing Battlegrounds Boards, an all-new cosmetic option for Hearthstone Battlegrounds! Battlegrounds Boards are special boards that you can bring to the combat phase of your Battlegrounds bouts. These boards sport new visuals for you to see and show off to your opponents. Because Battlegrounds Boards are shared with you and your opponent, you may not see your Board every round.

Bob’s first board is the Arena of Champions, a celebration of Bob’s favorite customer: you! Give your warbands the royal reception they deserve, with suits of armor and flourishes of purple and gold. Get yours in the shop as soon as the patch goes live!

For gameplay purposes, the bottom right portion of all Battleground Boards are simplified when playing on mobile.