Update: Liv has confirmed on reddit that the legendary questline will be available throughout the entire expansion. (Source)
So, that's still a ton of games that need to be played, but at least we have almost 4x the amount of time to work towards it. Original post is down below.

More information is available now on the upcoming faction war event that is coming to Hearthstone in the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion including details on the Legendary Questline.

  • Logging in to the game makes you choose your faction - Alliance or Horde.
    • If you've logged in since the previous patch, you've already chosen your faction for the event.
  • The war runs from December 7 until January 11.
  • When the war ends, a tally will occur and the winning faction decides which card will get Diamond art - Drek'Thar or Vanndar Stormpike.
  • A Legendary questline is available that is progressed by earning honor. 
    • This questline rewards several Rare Golden cards.
    • There is also a Golden Legendary reward at the end - the card from the faction you didn't pick.

During the event, everyone will earn Honor points by playing games in Standard, Wild, Classic, Arena, and Duels. Wins providing more honor.

  • 10 Honor for every game played
  • 10 more Honor for every game won (20 total)
  • 20 more Honor for every game won versus an opponent of the enemy faction (40 total)

Your Honor is how you progress through your faction's Legendary quest. Everyone will be able to unlock the same rewards, they just get rewarded in a different order. This order is the same order that you'd follow in progression inside of World of Warcraft's Alterac Valley Battleground. Such great flavor!

How Hard is it to Finish the Alterac Valley Legendary Questline?

With 7200 Honor being required to unlock all the rewards, that's a cool 720 games played if you don't win any. Incoming bot storm! We know you're the best though and will win all your games and they will always be against the enemy faction, which brings it down to180 games - the fewest number of games possible to play for all the rewards.

Realistically though, let's make a few assumptions here:

  • Players should win half their games on average.
  • The player base is equally split between Alliance and Horde, you should see half your games against the opposing faction.
    • More likely, Horde is biased here so Alliance players may have an easier time earning the rewards.

Knowing that we're likely to encounter an even number of Alliance and Horde opponents, we can assume the average honor that will be earned for a win is 30 ((40 + 20) / 2). With our next assumption of a 50/50 winrate, we can further assume that the value of playing a single game of Hearthstone is going to be 20 Honor ((10+30) / 2). I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 7200 / 20 is 360 - that's a ton of games that we need to play to get all the rewards.

With the Alterac Valley faction war lasting 36 days, that means you're going to need to play, on average, 10 games per day. That isn't a crazy amount of Hearthstone to play each day, but with the holiday season coming into full swing, its a bit unfortunate to have the looming dread of grinding Hearthstone games at your side.

Now, there could be some alternate forms of grinding out Honor which would speed up the process, but none of Blizzard's official communications have confirmed that  - we'll have to wait and see.

Fractured in Alterac Valley Legendary Questline Rewards

Here are all the rewards for the Legendary Questline and how much honor each step requires.

Alliance QuestAlliance RewardHorde QuestHorde RewardQuest
Honor Quota
Honor Quota
Corporalx1 Golden Stormpike Aid StationGruntx1 Golden Frostwolf Kennels



Sergeantx1 Golden Stormpike Aid StationSergeantx1 Golden Frostwolf Kennels80120
Master Sergeantx1 Golden Dun Baldar BunkerSenior Sergeantx1 Golden Iceblood Tower180300
Sergeant Majorx1 Golden Dun Baldar BunkerFirst Sergeantx1 Golden Iceblood Tower260560
Knightx1 Golden Dun Baldar BridgeStone Guardx1 Golden Iceblood Garrison400960
Knight-Lieutenantx1 Golden Dun Baldar BridgeBlood Guardx1 Golden Iceblood Garrison5001460
Knight-Captainx1 Golden Iceblood GarrisonLegionnairex1 Golden Dun Baldar Bridge5402000
Knight-Championx1 Golden Iceblood GarrisonCenturionx1 Golden Dun Baldar Bridge6202620
Lieutenant Commanderx1 Golden Iceblood TowerChampionx1 Golden Dun Baldar Bunker6603280
Commanderx1 Golden Iceblood TowerLieutenant Generalx1 Golden Dun Baldar Bunker7804060
Marshalx1 Golden Frostwolf KennelsGeneralx1 Golden Stormpike Aid Station8404900
Field Marshalx1 Golden Frostwolf KennelsWarlordx1 Golden Stormpike Aid Station9005800
Grand Marshalx1 Golden Drek'TharHigh Warlordx1 Golden Vanndar Stormpike14007200