Continuing with a round-up of late-ish reminders in the wake of busy Hearthstone times leading up to the new Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion: there is this important PvP aspect of Hearthstone Mercenaries to bring up; and it's one we've actually known about for a longer while. That is, if your memory is good enough to still remember what was announced several weeks ago. 

In the official "Mercenaries - What's Next" writeup released at the start of this month, we've been properly warned to expect Season 1 to also last throughout November (even though the in-game information still states it's "October Season"): 

Quote From Blizzard
Finally, we wanted to let you know that the first Mercenaries season will end at the same time as the November ranked ladder season. We wanted to give players more time in the first season to learn the ropes and make up for the mid-month launch. After this first season, Mercenaries seasons will reset every month, like the ranked ladder season.

Technically Asia server has already begun its December season run, but Europe and Americas still had some time to spare.

Update: There are some early reports swirling about that the ratings for EU might've already been accidentally reset ahead of time, it just won't be in effect until a match has been played. Oops, somebody pulled the wrong lever at Blizzard HQs?  

Now having to worry about both Ranked Ladder finishes and Mercenaries PvP Ratings at the same time... no time to rest for anyone trying to keep up with both modes. And with Stormwind Achievement XP also going away, things just got very hectic this time around.

Mercenaries Rating Finishes

We've covered all the perks of lower rating chest rewards and the whole deal with fighting against A.I. opponents instead of other players in great detail before: 

If you've managed to climb up to 5k-6k rating (or still can find the time to do so), you're in a pretty good position. Anything above that point becomes considerably more difficult - not to mention time consuming - and you will be facing a good amount of stronger players while attempting to further move up the ranks.

For reference, that's how the current leaderboards look like at the top. Many players still trying to push their final ratings. With the season reset in place, only external ratings are being set to 0 again. Internal MMR score carries over, making it in line with how Ranked Ladder operates. 

We've been observing greater changes to the PvP landscape ever since the first larger round of buffs, and now things might shift yet again with another set of new Mercenaries joining the fray. But that will be a story for another day. 

Have you been PvP-ing in the Mercenaries mode at least occasionally? Got your desired rating positions in this prolonged Season 1, or are you still going to keep trying during these final hours? Tell us about your personal experiences!