We've got an update from Blizzard this evening talking about the known issues with today's 22.0 Patch which made preparations for next week's Alterac Valley expansion. Read on for all the details.

Quote From GnomeSayin

Hello all, I’m once again writing to let you know of some issues we’re tracking with this patch:

  • There was a short delay launching today’s patch on desktop. The issue causing that delay has been resolved and the patch is now available on all devices.
  • Lady Anacondra will not lower nature spells in your hand to 0 if you play Celestial Alignment while she is already in play. This issue has been entered for a hotfix planned for later this week.
  • Diablo appeared in some Battlegrounds lobbies even after he was supposed to be removed from the game. We believe we have now successfully banished him from the Battlegrounds.
  • A small number of players in EU servers had their Mercenaries season ended some hours early. The underlying issue was resolved to avoid this problem going forward. Affected players will be compensated at a later date.
  • One of the new Duels Passive Treasures, Glacial Downpour, is not working as intended. A fix has been entered for a hotfix planned for later this week.
  • We are investigating reports that the Rogue portrait is being a little too Roguish and missing from some players’ “Hero picker” screens.
  • We are aware that some aspects of the “Honor” event went live with the Patch, instead of with the expansion as intended. The team is looking into the issue and exploring options about how to respond.

We will update this post when we have more information.