Update 2: There are no YouTube drops.
: Blizzard has clarified that Twitch drops are going to last 36 hours.

Twitch drops return to celebrate Fractured in Alterac Valley theorycrafting streams this Thursday!

Details are light at the moment but we can assume from the image posted on Twitter, we should be able to acquire 2 Fractured in Alterac Valley packs from this promotion. Unfortunately, we don't know how many hours will need to be watched because Blizzard omitted that detail from their tweet, but again we can assume that from the United in Stormwind theorycraft streams it will require 2 hours for your first pack and another 2 hours (total of 4) for the second pack. Blizzard has now confirmed that you need to watch for 2 hours for your first pack and then another 2 for your second pack - as we previously guessed based on previous data.

So, stay tuned to the Hearthstone category on Twitch tomorrow and you can get some packs to open next week when Fractured in Alterac Valley launches on December 7.

How to Earn 2 Free Alterac Valley Packs

  • Login to Twitch with your Twitch Account.
  • Make sure your Twitch Account is connected to your Battle.net Account.
  • Watch any Hearthstone stream to earn your packs. Need a streamer? Go say hi to RegisKillbin and tell him Out of Cards sent you.

Twitch Drops Schedule

Here is when Twitch drops start for a few time zones:

 West Coast
East Coast
December 2 (Start)10:0013:0019:0003:00 (Dec 3)
December 3 (End)22:0001:00 (Dec 4)07:00 (Dec 4)15:00 (Dec 4)

Quote From @PlayHearthstone

Join us for Theorycrafting Livestreams tomorrow, Dec 2 from 9AM - 3PM PT.  

  • Watch your favorite HS creators  
  • Preview the new expansion  
  • Twitch Drops!  
  • Mega Bundle Giveaways!

Twitch: http://blizz.ly/3rnVgZv
YouTube: http://blizz.ly/3rGVLhx

Quote From Kerfluffle

Twitch Drops

We’ll be hosting category-wide Twitch Drops during Theorycrafting Livestreams on December 2! You’ll earn one Fractured in Alterac Valley pack for watching two hours of any Hearthstone steam, and then another pack for watching another two hours at any time between December 2 at 10 a.m. PT and December 3 at 10 p.m. PT. Make sure that your Battle.net and Twitch accounts are linked so that you can get your rewards!

Pre-Release Weekend

Scout the battlefield during Pre-Release Weekend from December 3-6. At your private Fireside Gathering, you’ll be able to open your Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs before the expansion officially launches on December 7. In addition to opening your packs early, pre-release will also feature Fireside Brawls that will let you play with the new cards:

  • One Tavern Brawl will let you try out all the new Factured in Alterac Valley deck recipes for free!
  • Another will let you play a crazy deck with any cards you open from your pre-purchases, no matter the class restrictions or how many copies!

Private pre-release Fireside Gatherings can take place the weekend before Fractured in Alterac Valley goes live, from December 3 at 10 a.m. PT to December 6 at 10 a.m. PT.

Head over to FiresideGatherings.com to register your one-person event!

Quote From Alkali Layke

Some helpful things to know about Theorycrafting today:

Drops are enabled on Twitch
Extra bundles went out to YouTube creators to hand out since drops are not enabled there.
Creators need to include 10 cards in their decks from Fractured in Alterac Valley.