A couple of days ago we've shared a small compilation of the ongoing known issues for patch 22.0, and it didn't actually take long for the first bug resolutions to start rolling in. We've already had an official start to the Battle for Alterac Valley event, in the wake of that partial unintended release of the Honor system. 

As has become the recent tradition, there is a dedicated forum thread that attempts to keep track of everything (it's where leaving your own reports helps), and we've also heard of a few other problems via several Twitter sources. In most instances, the developers and QA folks were kind enough to take notice and tell us what's going on.

We were also provided with a larger update on how certain card effects are going to be resolved going forward. Let's put all of this into context:

Card Effect Priority Update

This one might require more than one careful read in order to wrap your head around the new priority rules. Even though there shouldn't be any drastic changes to the vast majority of card interactions: 

Quote From Blizzard
With Patch 22.0, we did a sweeping review in order to bring more cards into alignment with the general rules about priority order when card effects conflict with each other. That general order is the same as before:

Cards referencing their own properties (e.g. Eye Beam) take priority over cards referencing other cards’ properties continuously (e.g. Taintheart Tormentor), which then take priority over cards referencing other cards’ properties in a single instance (e.g. Freezing Trap).

For many cards, this review resulted in no changes—they either had no overlapping effects, or their effects were already working in this way. For example: Lady Anacondra is a card that continuously references other cards’ properties (second category), so it should further reduce costs after Celestial Alignment, a single instance reference (third category).

We’ve also updated a few cards and how they resolve damage. For some cards, this will end up with a different result than before. For example: Moonfang is a card that references its own properties, while Mo’arg Artificer is a card that continuously references other cards’ properties, so now Moonfang will take 1 damage from spells, even when doubled by Mo’arg.

When cards in the same category interact with each other, then priority is based on the order the cards are played, with later cards applying on top of earlier cards.

As with many sweeping changes, we have also seen a few bugs that we’re working on smoothing out (including that Lady Anacondra – Celestial Alignment interaction, the hotfix for which is going out now). As always, there may also be some special cases where certain cards break the general rules so that they can work as intended. We encourage you to continue to let us know if a specific card interaction doesn’t match what’s expected.

That's quite a few categories and layers upon layers (and there still might be a few exceptions, as the post makes sure to note). Cards like Eye Beam being consistent enough to stay at (1) mana cost when in Outcast position regardless of other effects in play (such as Skull of Gul'dan discount) is something most everyone should be familiar with already. 

Now, the Moonfang + Mo'arg Artificer interaction has been causing quite a few headaches for players and casters alike for a longer while. If you've been regularly tuning in to Grandmasters or Masters Tour streams, chances are you heard it being explained and mentioned more than once as games played out. It wasn't always the most intuitive order (such as when Mo'arg Artificer being played second caused Moonfang to take increased damage). Pro players took notice of this recent stealth change first. So yay, a consistent buff to the wolf is now in place! 

Mo'arg Artificer Card Image Moonfang Card Image

Alas, we do not have any sort of comprehensive list that would track all such potential card interactions, as it might prove rather difficult to put anything of the kind together: 

Quote From DeckTech
I think the problem with that ask is that it looks at how this was done from the wrong end. They updated cards across the board, not specific interactions, so it's really hard to then go back and catalogue exactly what scenarios each change might entail.

Lady Anacondra not lowering Nature spells in hand to 0 after Celestial Alignment was played with her already on the board was also the fault of this change, now succesfully hotfixed as noted above.

Meanwhile Southsea Captain has decided to remain naughty and doesn't apply its aura correctly in all instances (one example of a faulty interaction with Lord Barov, another one with Ancient Reflections in Duels). Be wary when using the card for the time being - the developers are already aware of the situation.

Mercenaries Bugfixes and Compensation

As we've covered at the time, there were some problems with PvP Season 1 of Mercenaries coming to an end prematurely for many EU players. You can imagine that leaderboard climbers were quite upset about it. The planned compensation for that issue had been announced soon afterwards, and anyone eligible should've since received 3 packs upon logging into the game: 

Quote From Blizzard
Update: The compensation for affected players has now been distributed.

That is what I got, at the very least. If you haven't and believe yourself among the affected players, it would be a good idea to file a report. 

There were also a couple of other issues we've received relevant updates on: 

Quote From Blizzard

  • (Partially Resolved 12/1) Loading into the final boss on the Level 21 Regular Felwood Mercenaries Bounty (“The Anointed Blades”) causes the game to get stuck while waiting for the fight to load and then remain stuck until the run times out and ends automatically. Update: In today’s hotfix, the team replaced an Ability that was causing most of the issues. There is an underlying issue that the team is still investigating, but we believe that replacing the Ability should prevent most crashes and players should no longer be locked out when met with this issue. 

  • We are aware of an issue that sometimes caused a Vanessa VanCleef Card or Portrait to appear in Mercenaries Packs. Vanessa VanCleef is currently intended to not appear in packs for at least the length of the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion (the base Card is in the Rewards Track and the Portraits can be obtained with the Tavern Pass). This is a visual issue only—you are actually receiving Vanessa VanCleef Coins.

Duels Treasure Fix and Goblins vs Gnomes Set Added to Buckets

Just straightforward good news: 

Quote From Blizzard

  • Fixes the Glacial Downpour bug
  • Adds Goblins versus Gnomes to Duels card buckets

Glacial Downpour, for reference. Some other Treasure bugs still remain, such as the one with Ring of Black Ice. The proper people are already on it. We talked more about all the other new Treasures the other day

Misbehaving Battlegrounds Perks and Visual Bug with Alterac Valley Packs

When the recent patch went live, eagle-eyed people noticed there were new Battlegrounds Perks already being offered for the upcoming expansion, even though the "old" (current) set was still available and in effect for one more week. It turned out that was actually intended: 

Quote From DeckTech
It's just a bonus for people who want to buy the BG perks now, so they don't have to buy perks that are expiring in a week. There's this one week overlap period where both sets of perks are active.

All good then, right? Unfortunately, the good intentions were quickly met with unfriendly reality: 

Quote From Blizzard
There was an issue where people purchasing the Fractured in Alterac Valley Battlegrounds Perks were then blocked from purchasing the pre-purchase mega bundle (which includes the Battlegrounds Perks). We will be temporarily removing the Fractured in Alterac Valley Battlegrounds Perks from the store until the expansion goes live.

Oh well. Also, there is currently just this small visual issue with any received Fractured in Alterac Valley packs: 

Quote From Blizzard
We are aware that in instances where you are awarded Fractured in Alterac Valley Packs, like at the end of a ranked season or Arena run, you can see a “Temp” art afterglow coming from the pack. The fix for this is expected in the next major patch (22.2).

If you are curious how that looks like, go here. Doesn't really break anything, so we'll consider it very minor.

Game Crashes and Mobile Issues

There are a few culprits who are very likely to hang your game once played, sometimes under specific circumstances. Most recent with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - as seen here, Zeddy took it rather well. Then there is a case of Bloodsworn Mercenary and friends (example). And finally, our good old friend Zephrys the Great has been known for crashing the client for a while. The Hearthstone team is aware of the reports in all of these instances, and we've been given an update on the latter one: 

Quote From Celestalon
Yeah, update on Zephrys crash: We tracked it down to a problem with the visual. We have a client hotfix coming soon that'll disable the visual, until the next major patch where the visual can be fixed.

We also know of an ongoing bug with Flightmaster Dungar since a couple of patches ago, where picking the first Westfall option ends up just doing... nothing. Don't try it in your Arena runs for the expected early tempo! 

As for mobile issues, we still cannot properly filter and search our collection whenever the Wild check mark is set, which is very annoying. And there have been usual reports of people having problems updating to patch 22.0 or logging in once it's been applied. Some workarounds were being shared in the bug report thread we link to at the top. For myself, installing the update on the desktop client and then logging in from an Android device seemed to do the trick.

That covers our roundup for the past couple days! We will likely have an opportunity to return with more news before the expansion arrives. Keep safe from pesky bugs!