Fractured in Alterac Valley will go live on December 7th, the new expansion's achievements are already available in our journals, so you can already complete them!

While most of these achievements require you to own Alterac cards, and are not easily completed unless you want to rely on some Duels mid-run buckets luck, some are already doable. Therefore, you can either complete or start grinding them ahead of time, so that you'll be able to go through the first levels of the next reward track faster for even more rewards and sense of progression.

For this reason, we rounded up all the doable Alterac achievements and added a little guide for each, so that you'll have something different to do during these last few days before the new cards will be available for everyone, and the real grind will begin. Have fun!

Remember: Any achievements you complete now will not reward XP until you claim them. Do not claim the achievements until the new rewards track goes live on December 7. If you claim them now, that XP goes towards your Stormwind track instead. When in doubt, stay out of your journal until the expansion launches.

How to Complete the "It's a Trap!" Hunter Achievement

This achievement is meant to give you more reasons to play the Secret package printed in Fractured in Alterac Valley. While it doesn't require you to own any specific card to complete it, a remarkable grind lies ahead of you. Unless you're a very dedicated player, you probably won't be able to get it done before December 7th, but even completing the first step isn't something you should sniff at.

Achievement-wise, what's interesting is that It's a Trap! doesn't ask you to play 75/150/250 Secrets, but to just trigger them: therefore, cards like Rinling's Rifle and Inconspicuous Rider in Standard and Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist and Masked Contender in Wild can help you speed up progress.

In order to accomplish our goal, we're going to humbly offer you one Standard and one Wild deck. The first one is a Standard Secret Hunter, which doesn't seem too hot but it's understandable, since we're going to receive a lot of support in just a few days.

The second one is Wild Even Hunter. Hearthstone's eternal game mode hosts some of the best Secret-related cards ever printed in Phase Stalker, Mad Scientist, and Genn Greymane's cost reduction to Steady Shot allows you to cheat out Secrets from your deck even faster.

How to Complete the "HONORABLY DIE, INSECT!" Mage Achievement

In order to complete this achievement, we have to go back to Rastakhan's Rumble, and namely to Daring Fire-Eater. While this minion's Battlecry doesn't transfer to following turns, you can still set up a 'combo' turn with the likes of Tour Guide. In particular, this is what we suggest you to do:

How to Complete the "Winter Vacation" Shaman Achievement

Just like It's a Trap!, you can technically start grinding Winter Vacation, but Windchill is a hell of a card and you can include 4 copies of it in your deck thanks to Sleetbreaker. If you still want to feel frosty, Wild has some tools that might help you. And while you're at it, have some unnerfed Galakrond, the Tempest.

How to Complete the "Dreading This One" Warlock Demon Hunter Achievement

While there's no way to complete this achievement in Standard since Fel Rifts are a mechanic exclusive to Fractured in Alterac Valley, Constructed isn't the only game mode in Hearthstone.

In fact, Team 5 recently introduced a new tier 2 Passive Treasure inDuels, Imp-credible Trousers, so there's a chance to progress this achievement. What's amusing is that Trousers is currently bugged, and instead of shuffling Fel Rifts it puts them at the top of your deck. We are not encouraging you to exploit a bug: we're merely making you aware of the current situation - you do you.

Outlander Card Image Blade of Quickening Card Image

Passive Treasures Suggested

First pool - Fireshaper, Wither the Weak

Second pool - Imp-credible Trousers

How to Complete the "Congealing Essence" Neutral Achievement

We struggle to see what Fractured in Alterac Valley card should help you complete this achievement, and we think there's only one way to earn the XP tied behind Congealing Essence: play the game - you'll eventually get there.

Alexstrasza sets a player's health to 15, so you could cast its effect on yourself before dealing the lethal blow to your opponent. You may include it in some hyper-aggressive deck like Pirate Raid the Docks Warrior, or whatever is your jam, really.

How to Complete the "From Zero to Hero" Neutral Achievement

Fortunately for our achievement grinders out there, Hero cards aren't just an Alterac thing: we have plenty of them in Wild, coming from Knights of the Frozen Throne, The Witchwood, The Boomsday Project, Rastakhan's Rumble and Descent of Dragons. Grab the one you own and prefer the most and have some fun on ladder!

Best of luck if you attempt any pre-Alterac achievement hunting. Let us know how many of these have you managed to complete: sharing other tips and tricks is also welcome!