Our community members have been working hard to figure out the best way to utilize all the new Alterac Valley cards, and here are some of the finest results so far.

Demon Hunter - Big and Small

Kurtrus, Demon-Render Card Image Caria Felsoul Card Image Ur'zul Giant Card Image Sigil of Reckoning Card Image

Demon Hunters got tools for two archetypes that are yet to find their spot in either Constructed format: Big DH and Token DH. Valueslol has been tinkering with both, as well as a Highlander version of the Token list.

Spinnenhonig and DePachy have also tried to find the "unicorn" of the aforementioned archetypes.

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Druid - More Mana Cheat

Wildheart Guff Card Image Capture Coldtooth Mine Card Image Pride Seeker Card Image

It seems quite clear that Wildheart Guff has piqued the curiosity of our community while other Druid cards have received a lot less attention. Kamouh thinks that the new Hero card will fit well in this Highlander Big Spell list.

Tsyogan has also been searching for a home for Guff among the usual mana cheat suspects, while MrRhapsody chose a more aggressive theorycraft direction.

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Hunter - Secrets

Beaststalker Tavish Card Image Spring the Trap Card Image Ice Trap Card Image Dun Baldar Bunker Card Image

Blizzard was quite clear of Hunter's direction for this expansion, and Alodiel put those tools in use with this Even Hunter list.

Kamouh has been tinkering with some big Beast synergies (Humongous Owl, among others).

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Mage - Big Spells

Magister Dawngrasp Card Image Balinda Stonehearth Card Image Rune of the Archmage Card Image Iceblood Tower Card Image Arcane Brilliance Card Image

Another clear signal from Blizzard as they kept building on the foundations laid in Stormwind. Florences has used the new big spells to put together this fearlessly high-curving list.

Alodiel, frosthearth, and YunoGasaiNTF have also shared their versions of the archetype.

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Paladin - Bit of Everything

Lightforged Cariel Card Image Saidan the Scarlet Card Image Stonehearth Vindicator Card Image Dun Baldar Bridge Card Image

Paladins got quite a mixed package of cards this time around, which can be seen in the amount of different theorycraft directions our community members have taken. Bonzo has chosen the Big Paladin route, enabled by Vanndar Stormpike and Cavalry Horn.

Some of the different directions taken by darkpanther01, DePachy, and tsyogan.

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Priest - Xyrella and 9 Others

Xyrella, the Devout Card Image Shadow Word: Devour Card Image Gift of the Naaru Card Image

Another class where the theorycrafters seem to have been very interested in finding a way of abusing the new Xyrella's ability. Different versions of OTK-ish damage dealing Deathrattles have been very popular; here's MrRhapsody's version. Similar elements can also be found in frosthearth's and Spinnenhonig's variants.

MrRhapsody has also been tinkering with the other new Priest cards, as have Alodiel and sense124.

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Rogue - Burgle and Deathrattles

Shadowcrafter Scabbs Card Image Cera'thine Fleetrunner Card Image Wildpaw Gnoll Card Image Snowfall Graveyard Card Image

Neoguli decided to ignore Blizzard's most obvious suggestions on what to play this expansion and instead saw the easy Quest completion potential offered by Ram Commander. Shadowcrafter Scabbs was too good to pass though; almost every Rogue theorycraft has included him.

Florences, MrRhapsody, and Spinnenhonig, in turn, stayed closely with the expansion themes with their Rogue theorycrafts.

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Shaman - Freeze!

Bearon Gla'shear Card Image Snowball Fight! Card Image Sleetbreaker Card Image Snowfall Guardian Card Image Windchill Card Image

It's now or never for Freeze Shamans as Blizzard went all-in with the support cards, and our own linkblade91 was quick to jump in the new archetype bandwagon. Imagine being Moorabi and still not getting picked.

More Freeze from darkpanther01, Kamouh, and LordXav; only one Moorabi here as well.

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Warlock - Rifts and Sacrifices

Dreadlich Tamsin Card Image Tamsin's Phylactery Card Image Sacrificial Summoner Card Image Seeds of Destruction Card Image

"There has to be a way to abuse this" seems to have been the agenda of our theorycrafters after they got their hands on Tamsin's Phylactery. While Eggs have been a popular direction, SpectreCular wanted more Primes and added only few Deathrattles to guarantee always hitting Envoy Rustwix.

Eggs a'la DePachy and Spinnenhonig, as well as a cubelock from KilleRacoon.

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Warrior - Taunts and Frost Armor

Captain Galvangar Card Image Snowed In Card Image Frozen Buckler Card Image Iceblood Garrison Card Image

Warrior seems like another class without a clear direction in this expansion. HuntardHuntard used this creative freedom and came up with this OTK list that uses the Hearthstone World Champion's tribute card Glory Chaser to draw faster through the deck to reach the ETC combo.

Another varied selection of ideas from DePachy, LordXav, and Thonson.

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