We've got some important updates to share from the Hearthstone Known Issues thread from late last night, let's jump into them.

These known issues include an interesting one where Korrak the Bloodrager could not be disenchanted for full value due to a typo. Do not disenchant regular or golden versions of Korrak until Blizzard pushes out a fix. He is supposed to be disenchantable for full value until December 18 due to his inclusion as a Diamond card on the rewards track.

We'll keep you updated on the situation.

Quote From GnomeSayin

  • (Resolved 12/8) There is currently a bug reducing the intended experience gain in the Mercenaries mode. Update: The hotfix to this issue is rolling out today.
  • (Added 12/8) We are aware that the full refund period for Korrak the Bloodrager was unintentionally short. This was the result of a typo causing the period to be set to end on 12/8 instead of the intended 12/18. This is slated to be updated in an upcoming hotfix planned for this week. If you intend to disenchant Korrak, please hold on to him until that full disenchant value is reinstated.
  • (Added 12/8) We are aware that the new Alterac Valley game board does not appear to be in rotation. The team is investigating the issue.
  • (Added 12/8) The team is aware that certain card interactions are slowed while Snowfall Graveyard is active. The team is investigating the issue.