If you haven't purchased the Deadmines mini-set yet and you still are interested in picking up the 4 legendaries in it for a single price, alongside the rest of its cards, time is running out!

The Deadmines mini-set released on November 2, 2021 and brought 35 new cards into Hearthstone as an addition into United in Stormwind's expansion. As with all mini-sets so far, they become available for direct purchase after their release and stay available until shortly before the release of the next mini-set, of which the upcoming one will add cards to Fractured in Alterac Valley. This makes them very valuable pickups as you get all the cards released for one set price and don't have to go fetching them from card packs. With multiple legendary cards coming out, this becomes a bit of a no-brainer purchase if you want to play with them as the cost to obtain the cards through RNG pack openings is much higher.

Mr. Smite Card Image Goliath, Sneed's Masterpiece Card Image Edwin, Defias Kingpin Card Image Cookie the Cook Card Image

So, if you want to grab the Deadmines mini-set, the last day you can purchase it will be on January 24, 2021. Afterwards, all the cards will remain available in-game, but the only way to obtain them will be through crafting with arcane dust or purchasing and opening United in Stormwind packs. You can buy the mini-set on Battle.net for $14.99 USD or in-game using 2000 Gold or real money.

What did you think of the cards released in the Deadmines? Let us know your thoughts on the mini-set in the comments below.

If you want a larger breakdown of the good and bad of the set, Avalon posted about that earlier in the week! That includes some sweet decks that use the Deadmines cards.