Mercenaries is getting a big update in today's patch which makes a change to how coins are obtained after completing high level heroic bounties.

The change makes it so that when you finish a level 30 Heroic Bounty, you will always get at least one pile of legendary coins. This legendary coin pile will come from that bounty's pool of Mercenaries, each bounty can only award coins for certain mercs, which will make increasing the power of our harder to obtain mercenaries quite a bit easier once the high-level grind on the heroic bounties starts.

If you want to find out which bounties have coins for each mercenary, you can visit our bounties database to look up individual bounties or sort them by which ones "has loot for" your favourite characters.

This change goes live with the patch, which is happening any minute now, so once your client gets updated you can expect these guaranteed rewards. Which bounties will you be farming?

Quote From Blizzard

All Heroic Level 30 Bounties will now include at least one pile of Legendary Coins (chosen from the selection of Coins designated for each Bounty) as part of their Bounty completion rewards.