The third and final Masters Tour event took place last weekend in Bucharest, Romania. Almost 300 hopeful players battled it out over three days for their share of the prize money and, perhaps more importantly, for the prospect of getting invited to Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020.

The Top 8

These were the players that survived the nine Swiss rounds and made it to the final day. The Swiss results in full can be found here.









Brox's Decks

0 11060 106 0
0 5340 101 0
0 8700 200 0
1 6560 141 0

DeadDraw's Decks

Eddie's Decks

0 14080 374 0
0 6560 259 0
1 10360 510 0

hone's Decks

hunterace's Decks

kin0531's Decks

0 10360 158 0
0 13340 119 0
0 6860 114 0
1 13020 183 0

Orange's Decks

0 6780 130 0
0 5340 81 0
1 6560 178 0

totosh's Decks

0 6780 105 0
0 12800 79 0
0 3720 91 0

The Results

This is how the single elimination bracket played out. For full match stats and VoDs, visit the official site.

The Recap

Based on Battlefy's stats (from the Swiss part), there were no runaway classes in terms of winrates as every class could fit within 10% of each other. The top spot was claimed by Rogue (54% WR), slightly edging out Shaman (52%). Warrior completed the above-50 trio with a 51% winrate. A lot of players put their faith on the Light with Priest and Paladin, and were able to pretty much break even with 49% winrates. Mage's performance didn't top the lists this time, falling last with a mere 45% winrate.

How did our newly relegated Grandmasters fare? As you probably noticed, Orange put up a fierce battle to regain his spot but as he needed to win the whole thing, getting eliminated at quarterfinals also meant the end of that dream. The only other former Grandmaster to even make it to Day 2 was Rase, who was able to reach a 5-4 record. Both Feno's and BloodTrail's competition was cut short as they failed to reach the 3-win limit, both ending up at 2-3. Pathra and StrifeCro didn't participate.

Americas was the first region to get their new Grandmasters as the only player to reach top 8 was the already-Grandmaster Eddie. This meant that languagehacker and Empanizado (both 7-2 in Swiss) would be the two players to get the invites to the league. Asia-Pacific followed suit as posesi (7-2 in Swiss), who was already leading the regional list, guaranteed his spot when the APAC players who reached top 8 got paired together for quarterfinals and therefore couldn't both pass him. As kin0531 emerged victorious from that fight, he also secured another spot for Hong Kong in Grandmasters.

For Europe, Felkeine was quite strongly heading to GM as the winner of Masters Tour Seoul and was able to avoid all weird scenarios where he wouldn't get a spot. The fight for the last invite took a bit longer as there were three Europeans in top 8. Orange was eliminated by fellow European totosh, who was in turn eliminated by kin0531, both needing to win the tournament to get in. DeadDraw "only" needed second place and he got agonizinly close, just one game away, but got his Warrior reverse sweeped by Eddie after a rollercoaster match. These results meant that the runner-up of Masters Tour Seoul, Zhym, got the coveted second spot.







The new Grandmasters.

The esports year isn't quite over yet. The next stop: BlizzCon.