We've got some great updates to share with you today for Hearthstone Mercenaries thanks to a developer post from Paul "Kaizor" Nguyen over on the Mercenaries Discord server.

Kaizor has given us a rough outline of what we can expect from the next couple of content patches before Hearthstone's next expansion comes out (which would be the 23.0 update) and that includes some content we previously datamined - The Training Grounds.

What is the Mercenaries Training Grounds?

The Training Grounds is a new building that is coming in Hearthstone Patch 22.2 (release date unknown) which helps your Mercenary characters earn experience while you aren't playing. Although this may not be a feature that everyone needs as the most hardcore players level their characters quite fast, the more casual audience will certainly appreciate earning experience while offline.

We previously datamined the Training Grounds and everything we know about it so far can be found in that dedicated article.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Gets a Dedicated Team

The Hearthstone team underwent an internal reorganization this year which divided the team members into more concrete groups that work on different features. Mercenaries is now one of these main groups and gets dedicated support which in the words of Kaizor, "should make the things we want to accomplish this year easier to do".

This is undoubtedly a huge win for the game mode which made its debut last October in Hearthstone Patch 21.4.

What is Coming Next to Hearthstone Mercenaries?

With not too many content updates so far for Mercenaries, just the addition of a few more Mercenaries and Bounties, it looks like the first updates of the new year are going to be much larger. Here is what we can expect so far:

Hearthstone Patch 22.2
  • New Mercenary Characters
  • New Zones
  • New Bounties
  • Training Grounds v1*
  • New Mercenaries Equipment Change
    • 3rd Equipment no longer comes from Task 7, instead, clear the appropriate Heroic Bounty with them on your team.
Hearthstone Patch 22.4
  • Possible New Feature
After 22.4
  • End Game System for PVE


Quote From Paul Nguyen

Happy new year all. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

We had some restructuring of the team - Mercs is now one of the main pods with fully dedicated support from other disciplines so that should make the things we want to accomplish this year easier to do. Not sure what I can announce/talk about yet. But I'll throw in a few things I feel comfortable sharing now.

22.2 - New Mercs + New Zone/Bounties. Training Grounds V1 should be out as well. 3rd Equipment no longer unlocks from Task#7 for the new Mercs. You now get them from clearing the appropriate Heroic Bounty with them on your team.

22.4 - Trying to see if we can deliver on a new feature that I'm actively working on right now. Hopefully we can make this in time. After that, the focus will be on an End Game system for PvE.