Were you expecting a balance patch this week? Think again! Hearthstone's Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss has confirmed on Twitter today that we shouldn't expect anything of the sort, however, there is "something planned" for the lead-up into the patch.

Currently, we have some insights into what is coming in the next big patch which include plenty of new Mercenaries mode goodies (including the Training Grounds) and fixes for those Alterac Valley achievements that we haven't been able to complete yet due to bugs. With the team wanting to do "something" leading up to the patch's release, we're expecting there to be some kind of blog post or other media announcement to set things on the right path. Could there be some story that we need to be aware of before the patch goes live? Is Blizzard going to start teasing a mini-set sooner than we'd originally thought? Is Duels getting its big hero overhaul? Plenty of room for out-of-game announcements!

For what it's worth, I don't think we're getting any mini-set cards soon. That's usually the *.4 patch (*.6 in the case of Stormwind).

Regardless of the exact contents of the next patch, we're excited to see where Blizzard is taking the game this year. The Year of the Gryphon is coming to an end which means we'll have three new expansions, and probably mini-sets, to look forward to this year alongside that beautiful set rotation. With that and the new internal reorganization of the Hearthstone team to better support all of their game modes, things are shaping up nicely and although it may take a bit of time for steam to pickup, the future of the game has never looked brighter.

What do you hope comes out in Hearthstone Patch 22.2?

Quote From @HSDeckTech

The next big patch is coming soon, but not as soon as people think. We’ve still got something planned that leads up to the next patch.