We're on our way to Pandaria! That's only true if you're into Hearthstone Battlegrounds and a new board which was shared to survey participants becomes a reality.

In a new survey, Blizzard asked participants about Battlegrounds cosmetics and one of the cosmetics previewed was the Jade Gardens game board. Thanks to /u/Gravitybox for sharing this on reddit, the Jade Gardens board features a tranquil landscape of beautiful statues, artifacts, and everything else to love about Pandaria other than the Sha.

According to Gravitybox, Blizzard asked participants if they were willing to pay $2.99 for the new board. This a sharp discount when compared with the first board that came out for Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Arena of Champions, which made its debut at $9.99 USD. This doesn't mean we should expect the new Jade Gardens board to be $3 when it releases as we don't know if it ever will release and Blizzard uses surveys to collect data. Could the first board have been a flop at $10? Tough call!

You can check out a short preview of the board down below.

Would you pickup this board in Battlegrounds for $2.99? What other kinds of boards would you like to see added?