We've got a round of balance changes coming to Standard... and WILD on January 25.

Although the changes themselves have not been confirmed yet, they will be included within the patch notes on January 20 (that's next week) with the patch itself coming out on January 25. This is a major Hearthstone patch that will also be introducing Battlegrounds changes, a "huge" Duels update, new Mercenaries, and more! We'll get to see some Battlegrounds reveals prior to the patch notes coming out, so stay tuned for those!

Quote From PlayHearthstone

The Battlegrounds reveals will lead into the full patch notes on 1/20 and the patch itself on 1/25!

This patch will include our big Battlegrounds update, balance changes for Standard and Wild, new Mercs, a huge Duels update, and more!

We want to hear your guesses! Let us know what cards you think (or want) will be changes in the comments below. Rogue has been naughty recently in Standard...