Blizzard has confirmed that we'll be seeing a new round of Mercenary characters in Patch 22.2, which releases on January 25.

We were teased about upcoming Mercenary changes last week, when Paul "Kaizor" Nguyen left a message on the Mercenaries Discord server. He confirmed the following was a part of Patch 22.2:

  • New Mercenary Characters
  • New Zones
  • New Bounties
  • Training Grounds v1*
  • New Mercenaries Equipment Change
    • 3rd Equipment no longer comes from Task 7, instead, clear the appropriate Heroic Bounty with them on your team.

He wasn't 100% certain the Training Grounds were going to be included, but it is shaping up to being quite a major update for Hearthstone as a whole regardless, with Standard and Wild balance changes coming, and a load of reveals for Battlegrounds content alongside some major Duels changes - is this when Duels gets the hero overhaul?

Quote From PlayHearthstone

The Battlegrounds reveals will lead into the full patch notes on 1/20 and the patch itself on 1/25!

This patch will include our big Battlegrounds update, balance changes for Standard and Wild, new Mercs, a huge Duels update, and more!

Which characters would you love to see added to Hearthstone's Mercenaries?