It's a late Christmas miracle! Blizzard announced yesterday that we will be getting card nerfs, including some specifically targeted on the Wild format, on January 25th, and Iksar was already teasing on Twitter that something might happen to everyone's favourite Mage, Sorcerer's Apprentice. Hopefully they'll do something with certain questlines as well...

Anyway, onto our usual look at some awesome community decks, then.

Gonk Questline Druid

Fallugaloog has taken the idea of Odd Questline Druid and steered it away from the Baku variants, adding Living Seed (Rank 1) as a Gonk tutor, among other changes.

"Cube" Demon Hunter

Neoguli has been investigating if the new Sigil of Reckoning can make Soul Split playable in Big Demon Hunter. Warden of Chains should also help to ward off some early aggression from your opponent.

Beast Druid

This aggressive Beast list, based on Swizard's more midrangy deck, has helped anchorm4n reach Legend this month. Any list that unironically runs Snowflipper Penguin is awesome by default.

Mill Priest

The numerous resurrection spells and the new Xyrella hero card is a combination that has already been used for a variety of strategies, and the OTK expert MarkMcKz has come up with yet another cheesy way to win with them - milling with Dancing Swords.

Highlander Druid

Another Chinese Legend list from LovelyDuke's Twitter treasury. This deck seems so funky at first that LovelyDuke thought it would be better to mention that it's no bait, and the player in question has been playing it for a good while.

Eager to join the Wild battle in the snowy Alterac Valley? Keep yourself warm with more community decks.

Came up with something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!