We've got a round of new hero skins coming to Hearthstone in Patch 22.2.0, which releases on January 25, and they celebrate the Lunar New Year!

New Skins

  • Shaman: Jade Serpent Thrall
  • Mage: Red Crane Jaina
  • Hunter: Black Ox Rexxar
  • Demon Hunter: Sha Illidan
  • Warlock: Mogu'shan Gul'dan
  • Druid: Xuen

Skin Rework

Diao Chan Valeera, which was released during last year's Lunar New Year event in Hearthstone, has received additional voicelines. She is the only hero to receive new voicelines this patch.

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Sorry: Oh so sorry.
  • Concede: That's all for now!
  • Fight LuBu Garrosh: You're always my favorite.
  • Fight Zhuge Liang Anduin: We'll see how you fare, scholar.
  • Fight Guan Yu Uther: Why are you always so serious?
  • Time: Time's ticking!
  • Thinking_01: Hmm…
  • Thinking_02: How complicated…
  • Thinking_03: What shall I do?
  • Halloween: Trick or treat! Haha, just kidding.
  • Holidays: Let's enjoy ourselves this Winter Veil!
  • New Year: Happy New Year!
  • New Year Lunar: Happy New Year!
  • Noblegarden: It's so good to see you during Noblegarden!
  • Low Cards: Not many cards left.
  • No Cards: Aw, no more cards!
  • Need Weapon: Give me a weapon. Preferably a fan.
  • Need Mana: Definitely not enough mana.
  • Minion Attacked: It can't attack again.
  • Already Attacked: I can't attack again.
  • Summon Sickness: It needs to prepare.
  • Hand Full: I have too many cards!
  • Board Full: My board is full!
  • Stealth: It's in stealth. Too bad.
  • Target: That one is beyond my reach.
  • Minion Taunt: Something else is taunting me.
  • Can't Play: I'm not able to play that.
  • Error: No.
  • Fire Festival: The Fire Festival really brings out my best.
  • Pirate's Day: Arr, I can sail with the sharpest of 'em!
  • spellname1: I'm a fan of this!
  • spellname2: I know all the steps.
  • spellname3: Speed is essential.
  • spellname4: Shh…
  • spellname5: <laughs>
  • spellname6: Tea time?
  • Innkeeper Start: Diao Chan Valeera!