We've got a round of balance changes coming on January 25 in Patch 22.2.0, here they are ahead of schedule!

Blizzard has not yet commented on these changes. We will likely see commentary on them in the patch notes. It looks like Rogues are toast though!

Reminder that datamined information is subject to change before release of content. Until Blizzard officially confirms changes, consider these to be a word in progress.

Wild Card Nerfs

Wild Card Changes

  • Rapid Fire Now deals 2 Damage (Up from 1). Now Costs 2 (Up from 1).

Standard Card Nerfs

Standard Card Buffs

All these collectible cards should be disenchantable for their full dust values after the patch releases on January 25 and be available for those full refunds for two weeks.

What do you think of the changes? Is Roguestone over?