In the upcoming 22.2.0 patch, we've datamined an interesting change to Battlegrounds' Tavern Tier upgrades.

In the current version of the game, upgrading to each Tavern Tier costs a certain amount of gold (base cost) and that cost ends up being reduced by (1) for each round that goes by when it is your next tier you want to upgrade to.

Looking at client data, the upgrade button you click is represented by a card object. We've long known that these card objects for tier upgrades also state their gold cost (it is needed for client-side display), so through the art of datamining, we've determined the following:

  • Upgrading to Tavern Tier 5 Now has a base cost of 11 gold (Up from 9).
  • Other Tavern Tier costs have not changed.

This change may delay the upgrade path for some folks, and now it won't be possible to skip from Tier 3 to 5. What we mean by that is it was previously possible to sit on Tier 3 until your Tier 4 upgrade was free, and then you could upgrade to Tier 4 for nothing and immediately upgrade to Tier 5 for the original base cost of 9.

Datamined information is, of course, subject to change. Blizzard hasn't made any official announcements yet regarding Battlegrounds changes as those will be coming in patch notes. Patch 22.2.0 releases on January 25.

What do you think of the change?