We've got a new Lunar New Year Legendary Questline coming in the next Hearthstone update which rewards us with 6 card packs, including a Golden pack! Details on how you can complete the questline when it becomes available at a later date can be found below.

How to Complete Hearthstone's Lunar New Year 2022 Questline

  1. Play 3 games of Ranked Standard.
    • Rewards: 1x Barrens and  1x Alterac Pack
  2. Play 3 games of Duels.
    • Rewards: 1x Stormwind and 1x Alterac Pack
  3. Play 3 games.
    • Rewards: 1x Alterac and 1x Golden Alterac Pack

Complete each stage of the above quests to move on to the next and earn your rewards. Good luck!