It's happening! The amount of upcoming Wild nerfs wasn't the biggest, but at least the top two decks, alongside a variety of interactive Mage combos, are getting hit with the three card nerfs likely to have an impact to Wild.

Before we get to sink our hands into piles of nerf dust let's take our usual look at some awesome community decks.

Spiteful Warrior

Warriors got their second 10-Cost spell this expansion with Shield Shatter (bonus points for those able to tell which was the 1st without using our database). As this Frost spell is less restrictive on the type of deck it requires, ghig put together the one-spell list below for maximum Spiteful Summoner shenanigans.

V-07-TR-0N OTK Mage

Blizzard can nerf Sorcerer's Apprentice all day long but JackThePerson's OTK will still remain. This flashy Mech combo has never been the most popular one but every Wild player should've witnessed it at least once.

Shudderwock Shaman

There has been no Shaman spotlights for a while during weekends so it's time to fix that with Korgano's Shudderwock mayhem whose OTK potential arises from its Corrupt package. No Bolner needed.

Even Warlock

Different variants of Evenlock continue to top the Warlock winrate lists, and the deck shared by Feylog is one of the strongest out there right now. Time to put that freebie Lokholar in use if you already haven't done so!

Dragon Galakrond Warrior

Remember Smolderthorn Lancer? What about Master Oakheart + Dragonhatcher combo? Winter21900's draconic list has plenty of nostalgic choices that rarely see play anymore.

Eager to join the Wild battle in the snowy Alterac Valley? Keep yourself warm with more community decks.

Came up with something awesome yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!