It's almost time for what could arguably be the most impactful Duels update so far. Two brand new Heroes known as Vanndar Stormpike and Drek'Thar, the exit of one temporary Lord of Terror, a host of shiny Treasures, plus no shortage of important balance adjustments. 

This also means that - for the second time in Duels' brief history - there should be a 'free' Tavern Ticket up for grabs for the willing. We've given everyone early heads-up during the weekend, but if that has somehow escaped your attention, best follow up now with the last minute warning before the patch 22.2 drops! It doesn't take much effort to set up. 

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Your 'Heroic' Tavern Ticket Awaits

Tavern Tickets, we all know and love them. Occasionally found on the Rewards Track and also known as replacements for the typical entrance fee of 150 gold (or a small amount of money) for both Arena and (Heroic) Duels

We got used to receiving those with each Arena rotation for any unfinished run, but with Duels this has only happened once before with the arrival of patch 21.6. The upcoming patch 22.2 marks another opportunity, yet you wouldn't necessarily know it from the patch notes themselves: 

Quote From Blizzard
On January 25, the current Duels season will end, rankings will be reset, and a new season will begin.

As we've pointed out before, the in-game screen is also a little misleading, currently informing people that there are still 3 days left until the season ends. 

Luckily, at least we could count on Ates Bayrak - the game designer at the forefront of Duels - to provide us with some clarifications: 

Quote From Tabayrak
Everyone with a current run when 22.2 goes live will be retired.

Just to clarify, will it give a ticket aswell? Only for Diablo or for all classes?

All classes.

You should know the deal by now: make sure you have a Heroic Duels run underway, then let it be at X wins and a maximum of 2 losses in order to collect rewards equal to the amount of wins you left it at, plus a Tavern Ticket when your run gets retired once the patch goes live.

Even if you leave it at 0 wins, that's a guranteed Alterac Valley pack plus a tiny bit of gold or dust, along with a ticket that can be then used to start another Heroic Duels (or Arena, should that be your preference) run, all free of charge. 

If you've still got some time to spare, make sure to play until these 2 losses. If you have any unused Tavern Tickets collected from the Rewards Track, the game will remind you once you attempt to enter the Arena or Heroic Duels mode. 

One other important distinction when it comes to Duels: make sure that your current run is a Heroic one, not Casual. Unsure how to tell them apart? Look at the visual cues! The vault board (where your win count is being displayed) for Heroic has more adornments and color, as can be seen here: 

We currently don't know whether the entries might close a few hours before the deployment of the patch and thus disable the ability to start any new runs (it's been the case before with Arena, at least), but better don't wait until the very last moment to find out! Double check that your ongoing Duels run is the correct Heroic one.

Looking forward to any of the upcoming changes and trying out this new iteration of Duels? Or do you simply just like collecting free rewards and Tavern Tickets?