In a post on reddit from Hearthstone's, Chris Sierra, he has confirmed the next patch will bring fixes for "the majority (if not all)" crashing issues players have had on mobile.

  • The patch will arrive "in [a] couple of weeks".
  • The update will likely hit the week after BlizzCon, which should also enable new expansion pre-orders in-game.

Quote From Chris Sierra

Hey Folks,

I wanted to give everyone an update on the state of mobile, as we've seen quite a lot of threads about it.

In our next major update we will be rolling out a fix that should address the majority (if not all) of the crashes on mobile. This update will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks. Sincere apologies for the poor experience, we're working to get things back on track.

The team is continuing to pinpoint what other issues may exist and are hoping to squash these pesky bugs in their tracks.