It's our first BlizzCon here at Out of Cards. We've just had the new expansion, Descent of Dragons announced and we got to see a few cards to demonstrate what the set is going to be about. But in addition to our BlizzCon bingo, we've also got a reveal season bingo! After a card is revealed that fits one of these categories, we'll cross that space off. If we get 5 in a line, we get a bingo. How many squares will we cross off by the time we see all the cards?

Completed Card

We'll have an additional image here with all the squares we've completed. How many lines do you think we'll be able to get?

Here's our progress so far:

Card Descriptions

Now some of these categories have some obscure rulings, so let's go over a few of them:

  • Year of the DRAGON - Despite being known as the Year of the Dragon, we've seen a total of 3 collectable Dragons out of 270 collectable cards. If by the time we see less than 7 Dragons over the course of all 135 cards, we can cross this one off. As this is the only square that can permanently fail mid-reveal and become a blockade, it's intentionally placed in a position where it's least likely to have any significant impact should that happen.
  • One-Off Mechanic - This one is fairly subjective. Some may consider Curious Glimmerroot to fit in this category since it's the only card to use a guessing mechanic, but some may not as it's effectively very similar to something like Drakonid Operative from the set before Glimmerroot.
  • Mr. Steal Your Deck! - Despite using the abbreviation "mr." in the name, the card in question does not need to be male or even a living thing. Any Priest card that involves taking cards from your opponent's deck counts.
  • Small Stats Strong Lore - This one is marked off if a character who is supposedly extremely powerful in lore appears, but ends up being small. The card on the square, Khadgar is a premium example of this. Arguably one of the strongest Mages in the history of Azeroth... is a 2/2.
  • Sharing Class Cards - If we happen to get a class card that is basically a reprint of another class card from a different class (i.e Radiant Elemental-Sorcerer's Apprentice), we can cross this one off.
  • Silverback Family Reunion - Poor Silverback Patriarch. So many cards outclass it... which is why we're probably going to get another one in this set. Any card that is a better version of Silverback Patriarch (as far as stats and effects go), counts for this square. Similarly, a 1/4 that costs 2 or less without Taunt, but can gain Taunt through its own abilities and has no downside (Wyrmrest Agent for example) will also count.
  • Remember this Mechanic? - If we get a card with a mechanic that's been unused for a long time, or an "Enrage" card, we can mark this off. Although similarly, it's entirely likely that we'll get a whole keyword that fits this description.
  • Class Card in Disguise - This one is marked off if we get a Neutral card that may as well be a class card since it would only see play in that class.

Also note that merely generating a Lackey does not count for Priest Lackey Synergy. The card must actually have a specific synergy with Lackeys like Heistbaron Togwaggle, Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, or Weaponized Wasp.

Some squares such as Overhyped or Bad Card, Awesome Artwork may require the expansion to actually be released before we can get concrete answers, so these ones should be marked with caution and only at your own discretion.

It also goes without saying that there inevitably will be a technical issue during BlizzCon, so that one's a freebie.

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