BlizzCon is almost here and we're celebrating the event with a special BlizzCon Bingo!

We've created a bingo card that we'll update throughout BlizzCon with some key topics we know we'll be able to hit and others that we remain hopeful about. We've included topics from all of Blizzard's titles and even the show itself with the goal that we'll get as many lines as possible. Check out the card below!

Completed Card

How many lines do you think we'll be able to get?

Card Descriptions

Some of the squares may not be immediately understood at the criteria we've created for them - bingo cards are only so big! Here's what needs to happen for us to get credit.

  • Jaina CGI - Jaina needs to appear in a cinematic with a CGI model: no in-game cutscenes here!
  • Deathwing Round 3 - Hearthstone related. Deathwing needs to appear as a card or villain in the upcoming expansion.
  • Warcraft 3 Late Launch - If we get a December release date, Blizzard really cut it close to their Dec 31, 2019 listing.
  • Subtle Retcon - Blizzard going back on lore and changing it has happened many times in the past. This one is likely to happen but may prove difficult to prove.
  • End Time - This one is Hearthstone related. With Deathwing comes the end of the world... Potentially borrowed themes from the WoW dungeon of the same name.
  • MUST HAVE SKIN! - If Overwatch previews a skin that is jaw-droppingly awesome, we'll get credit.
  • What a Great Year - This should be a freebie as it'll happen in the opening ceremony. Exact wording not needed.
  • Level Squish - The rumor for a long time has been that WoW is going to squish player levels in their upcoming expansion.
  • Hong Kong on Camera - Smile Pooh! If we see anyone on a stream supporting Hong Kong, we'll get a mark.
  • Your Choices Mean Nothing - This is for Hearthstone. If we get to make a choice whether that be in-game for something story-related or during a panel in the convention and it ultimately doesn't matter, we'll checkmark this. A great example would be if the audience gets to choose between two card reveals as they've done in previous years.
  • RIP Heroes - If the game receives no major announcements =(
  • Expectations Subverted - Hearthstone only. Unjustified or illogical choices within story for the sake of shocking everyone.
  • It's About Time Overwatch - Any announcement of a mechanic or feature that everyone wanted in the original game gives us credit.

All BlizzCon 2019 Coverage

We're going to be covering plenty of news from BlizzCon, so be sure to check it all out!

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