We're going to be covering the Hearthstone What's Next Panel with a live recap! This panel requires a virtual ticket to watch so if you don't have one.

The panel is now over.

Panel Recap

We didn't learn too many new things, but we got new cards!

  • Liv Breeden, Game Designer is on the stage.
  • We started the year off with Rise of Shadows - 5 villains.
  • Khadgar lives up to his reputation, losing Dalaran immediately. The first step in the master plan is finished.
  • Hadidjah Chamberlain enters the stage! She represents the League of Explorers.
  • Descent of Dragons is the epic conclusion to the Year of the Dragon.
  • The League of EVIL is resurrecting Galakrond!
  • Galakrond is a new hero card, available to the five EVIL classes. Its a different card for each of the classes.
  • Galakrond can be upgraded by using the Invoke mechanic. This mechanic's purpose is only to activate Galakrond.
  • Devoted Maniac is revealed - A dragon cultists that helps Invoke Galakrond.
  • Time Rip revealed - new control option for priest that works with Galakrond.
  • Everyone gets Galakrond for free, for all the EVIL classes, when you login on release of the new set.
  • Sidequests don't start in your hand, but can be more flexible.
  • Explorers are cards that will always Discover a Dragon.
  • Abilities on the Explorers are tailored to each of the friendly classes.
  • Dragon Breaths push dragon decks in different directions. Every class gets dragons!
  • Mike Donais, Lead Game Designer, and Conor Kou, Associate Game Designer, join the stage.
  • Battlegrounds has been worked on for the past 6 months.
  • More information on Battlegrounds can be found in our dedicated overview.
  • Battlegrounds was created because they wanted to make a new game mode and they really enjoyed autochess.
  • Conor Kou was already working on an autochess Tavern Brawl which helped with the new mode.
  • Visual Emotes are a new feature for Battlegrounds, making it more social.
  • You can queue into Battlegrounds with 1 friend. You'll still fight each other though!
  • 24 new heroes can be found in Battlegrounds.
  • There are 10 Battleground-only minions.
  • Mana costs on cards are replaced by "Tavern Tiers" - a star level for each card indicating strength.
  • There will be web leaderboards. Top 1000 players will be listed.

Battlegrounds Only Cards

These are cards unique to the Battlegrounds game mode.


New Cards

12 new cards have been revealed. A few cards were spotted in a Blizzard gameplay video, though this is the first time most people saw them so we included them here!

Devoted Maniac Card Image
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Time Rip Card Image
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Fate Weaver Card Image
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Toxic Reinforcements Card Image
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Azure Explorer Card Image
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Primordial Explorer Card Image
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Malygos, Aspect of Magic Card Image
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Deathwing, Mad Aspect Card Image
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Waxadred Card Image
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Sand Breath Card Image
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Candle Breath Card Image
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Corrosive Breath Card Image
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