While it looks like our collective patience is going to be tested just a little bit more as we await all these grand future Hearthstone announcements, you know who has at least shown up on time? That's right, your ol' reliable Nozdormu the Eternal. It's beyond clear now that even Hearthstone developers did not dare to interfere with the speedy dragon on his special day of March 15. You might feel that this extra chunk of Rewards Track XP is nowhere near enough of a consolation, but it's likely the only noteworthy thing we'll be seeing today. 

Currently active in all regions, it might very well be the last time this daily-monthly quest is here to assist us in finding a a few quicker battles for Honor gains. If you haven't yet finished your Questline, that is - in the end, not all of us are made for rushing through everything Nozdormu style.

Hopefully we shouldn't be seeing any quest bugs this time around.

Nozdormu the Eternal Card Image

Nozdormu Arrives Right Before the Spring

Nozdormu the Eternal makes for an integral part of the Core set (something we expect to remain true going forward with the upcoming rotation), always there when you need to practice your 'speed Hearthstone' skills:

  • As long as you have one quest slot open come server reset in your region on the 15th of each month, the Nozdormu quest will replace your regular quest of the day. It grants a lot more bonus XP, making it a worthwhile pursuit! 
  • This quest can also be rerolled away for a typical lesser one, if you really can't stand it. But Nozdormu will be very sad, and you will lose out on your precious Rewards Track XP
  • In order to be eligible, simply remove a non-crucial card from one of your favorite decks and replace it with Nozdormu the Eternal. It's not like anyone remembers to switch back after they're done. 
  • Queue up for a game with your 'new' deck in any relevant game mode of choice and hopefully encounter another player with Nozdormu in their deck, then have fun playing 'Speedstone'!
  • You don't necessarily have to complete the quest as soon as you get it (it will actually remain in your log until refreshed), but there will likely be far fewer people trying to do the same later on. 
  • Winning or losing doesn't really matter for the quest completion, and opponents don't need to have Nozdormu the Eternal in their decks for it to count on your side - but just like with any other 'Play 3 games' quests, instant conceding won't progress it. 

If you're trying to take your blitzing semi-seriously and not just queue up and go AFK for a while as the quest 'completes itself', then as usual we recommend going for any decks that aren't reliant on long combos or performing multiple actions in a single turn. Simplicity is the key, as any flashy, slow animations or Discover choices aren't particularly desirable (unless you happen to have lighting speed reflexes). 15 seconds is all you get to work with here! 

Finding somebody who has also put Nozdormu the Eternal into their deck isn't such a common occurrence nowadays, especially on Ranked ladders (it's only 3 games per month for most players, after all). You can consider yourself quite lucky when you do, and should enjoy those turns storming by - it's possible to tell whether the effect is in play as soon as the mulligan phase wraps up.

The Current Honor Event & Tavern Brawl 

The ongoing Tavern Brawl works well enough for Nozdormu the Eternal - you get to construct your own decks and draw cards on curve. 

Since we are approaching the final few weeks of collecting every bit of Honor we can get our hands on, it's worth pointing out again that Casual Mode (or Tavern Brawl, as it happens) doesn't count towards that goal. Perhaps no better time than to hope for some 'Speedstone' on Standard or Wild ladders. If you wish to stay relatively safe, pick the mode you don't usually play - there is nothing to lose (well, except some MMR) when at those Bronze ranks. Hovering near Ranked floors where you can't lose any rating stars has more or less the same effect.

Nozdormu Day Decks for March 2022

You can always concoct your own Nozdormu creations if you've got access to a multitude of cards from past Hearthstone expansions. For the current Standard ladder where the metagame remains more or less the same, there are a few reliable choices. Even with some extra dragons floating around nowadays (good luck choosing any Kazakusan treasures within 15 seconds if you go down that path!).

And there is also that Wild special from Trimutius, specifically tailored for Nozdormu and his Dragon companions. It's been once again updated with the arrival of Onyxia's Lair

Have any other favorite decks where Nozdormu the Eternal simply belongs? Do you just get your special quest done as quickly as possible or try to hunt for more speedy Honor matches alongside Noz? Let us know whether you've had any luck running into some Nozdormu hopefuls on both sides in any game mode this month!