Crafted to contain even your most nefarious magic-users!

April might've extended to include last Sunday, at least as far as we are concerned; but yet another month officially appearing on the calendar has not been lost on us! They just pass by so quickly. Apparently this time around we are meant to take a side trip from the current underwater explorations and revisit this curious place called Violet Hold.

Once again, a dose of Warcraft universe lore comes in handy to explain the background theme and the flavor text here. Violet Hold is actually a prison found in the floating city of Dalaran (which we even happened to visit in Hearthstone as part of the Rise of Shadows' solo adventure content). This secure vault has been magically enhanced to store all kinds of powerful (usually) evil entities, as ruled by the governing body of the Kirin Tor group of mages. 

Perhaps not the most obvious choice as this May's card back option, it should appeal to any fans of subdued purple tinged with blue. The design is fairly simple for a change. You know the deal - anyone can acquire it just by winning 5 ranked constructed games over the next few weeks. 

As always, if you want to look at Hearthstone card backs, we've got an entire gallery dedicated to just that!

What Happened Last Month in Hearthstone?

It was an absolutely massive one with the Year of the Hydra commencing, Standard rotation taking place, the new Voyage to the Sunken City expansion coming out, and seemingly hundreds of other interesting things taking place. If you'd like to refresh your memory with a very detailed recap for April 2022 before heading forward, we've got just the one available here!

Notable Hearthstone Events for May 2022

We've had a pretty good success rate with our previous list of all notable events for the month (not that there were any hard "predictions"), and we don't expect this May to be that much different or withholding any great surprises from us. But it could be just enough to keep everyone entertained. Let's take a closer look! 

Fortunately for our little 'fashionably late' overview, nothing of note (that we didn't already know about) has really happened over the past two days. But that changes starting pretty much right now: 

We'll be sure to let you know if anything else comes up! The Hearthstone team likes to keep things close to their vest, which means we don't usually get advanced schedules to work with. 

Shop Deals Expiring

Enjoy your stay in the tavern, below or above water accordingly with personal preferences! What's on your own schedule for May, and did anything escape our attention?