While it is unlikely that you'll ever need another card review source beyond the infallible opinions of the Out of Cards staff, we've gathered some card ratings from the pro players and content creators alike for you to check out.

Collaborative Reviews

Team Liquid players Bunnyhoppor, DeadDraw, and Fr0zen were once again joined by wiRer for a card review session, and here's the VoD from Bunnyhoppor's stream.

Feno, Hunterace, Jambre, and Orange teamed up as well to produce this review video. They also shared a card rating spreadsheet for those that just want to see some numbers.

Teamwork has made the dream work for several other creators as well:

  • Dylan, Languagehacker, Moyen, zlsjs, and TheViper94 teamed up for a series of videos for all 10 classes + Neutrals.
  • The GMs of team HypeHorizen (McBanterFace, DreadEye, and GamerRvg) joined their captain Dmoney for a card review session on Twitch.
  • Another GM pair NoHandsGamer and Monsanto made a series of videos as well as a spreadsheet from their ratings.

Review Videos

Plenty of creators have also been busy lately and pumped out review videos as the reveals have progressed.

Other Formats

Usually the card reviews are done mostly with Standard in mind, but there are several reviews out there concentrating only on other formats.

GetMeowth, Roffle and Corbett have reviewed the entire set during three episodes of The State of Wild podcast. Zeddy has also done a Top 10 video concentrating on Wild and slizzle466 has gone through most(?) of the cards in a 5-minute blitz review.

Dreads has reviewed the cards from the Arena players' perspective, as have kolst and Reap3r.

Duels has also gotten another full review in Ooops, All Duels! podcast with Matt Chalker and AgentCroque.

Did we miss the card review of one of your favorite content creators? Let us know in the comments below!