Our weekly Wild post has returned after a short hiatus due to BlizzCon! Let's take a look at some awesome community created decks while we wait for the reveal season for Descent of Dragons to kick off, shall we?

Quest Mecha'thun Warlock

Lets start our quest with this Mecha'thun Warlock from SunburstWolfgang. The list has a lot of value minions to have fun with while drawing towards the ultimate win condition.

Big Spell Mage

Gam3rPr0 has chosen to go big with Mage. King Phaoris was always a natural fit for these kind of lists, taking the place which Dragoncaller Alanna used to have.

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Enrage "While Damaged" Warrior

Your goal with this deck from dogScraw is to gently inspire your minions to work harder towards victory. You can also build a wall of Khartut Defenders with N'Zoth if needed.

Mech Rogue

A small throwback to GvG era from SirHerpDerp. Studies suggest that your opponent shouldn't leave Iron Sensei unchecked on board for long if they care about winning.

Quest Hunter

AngryShuckie's Banana Saga trilogy has gotten a sequel in the form of this Quest Hunter deck. If you're interested about the full story (so far), you can find the relevant decks here.

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Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!