It's been a few days since the sweeping Standard rotation, Core Set 2022, and Voyage to the Sunken City expansion came together to usher in a refreshed metagame for the format. The Day 1 decks showed us quite a few possible directions of where things might be headed, and since then we've either observed some further refinement of the early archetypes, or witnessed players trying to find reliable counters and experimenting with brave new directions. 

If you like your Pirates and Mechs coming out in force (with a dash of Control playstyle here and there), you might've felt very much at home at the beginning of this Year of the Hydra. If you're a part of the resistance instead, then life might've been a little more difficult. Hey, at least the board seems to matter considerably more again, as many wished. Maybe just not always in the most expected ways.  

Kazakusan is still alive while Druids can play the ramp game, there are naturally more complaints now about Mr. Smite & his pals, and you can even pull off some pretty impressive combos. Most everyone probably has something they would already like to see nerfed or buffed at this point, but it might be too early to go down this route just yet. 

As always, we don't really recommend crafting a lot of cards on a whim (unless you've got a ton of dust to spare), as there is no guarantee they are going to do as well a week or two from now. With a plethora of deckbuilding options to consider, let's catch up!

Demon Hunter

At first we've had rumors of an interesting Token list from this reddit thread, and later it was seen doing well in the hands of a few streamers.

As for the known Fel quantity, there was this one build taking the top spot on the China ladder; with the same version performing very well for Thijs.


Lots of strong Ramp Druid was to be expected (BruTo climbing high with the list below, Feno also holding onto top 20 with his similar take, etc.), but at least we also had NoHandsGamer leading the way with some Beasts.


Not a whole lot of movement since Day 1, actually, but've had a couple of success stories for the Questline kind. It is quite a strange sensation not seeing a million variants of Face Hunter running around. 


Mechs and Naga. Except not much has changed for the first type since the release day, while the latter variant continues seeing refinement from a number of established players. Across from China as well.


Similarly to Mage, Mechs were seen around early along with various Control builds, but lately players leaned more towards the latter. 


Players have really embraced the power of Selfish Shellfish as of late. You may also call the deck Fatigue or Mill. The real deal or just meme bait? You can always decide for yourself. Meati is known for enjoying the latter, but he also offers a more detailed guide in the tweet, and there's been some accounts of initial success from others. 


Where Pirates reign supreme. Most builds available out there are just variants of one another, doing powerful things. There has also been something else from DrBoom, very much living up to the name.


We are still mostly in Burn/Spell Damage territory, although there's been some more experimentation with the Battlecry package. 


Besides the Curse package, we've only really seen one highlight with the "Mine" version from Onkrad. Unless you want to take MrYagut at his word with regards to the Murloc Zoo.


No surprises here, Pirates once again. Not everybody is happy that this deck managed to rise from the dead in Standard. 

How about your own underwater adventures? Had success climbing the ladder with any of these, or perhaps something else? What about those early metagame impressions and picking favorites between Pirates, Mechs, and Naga?