With Voyage to the Sunken City just over a week old, all of the expansion's new Legendary minions have had time to settle in and find a home in (or on the fringes of) the meta. If you're wondering what kind of decks you can play with each class's non-Colossal Legendary minion, we're here to help. We've gathered some of the best performing decks featuring those Legendaries from HSReplay.

P.S. - If, instead, you're looking for decks to play with Colossal minions, you can find those here.

Best Deck for Commander Sivara

Commander Sivara Card Image

Commander Sivara is great for Mage decks that want to get extra copies of important cheap spells, so it's a great fit for Hero Power Mage, who definitely wants as many copies of Wildfire as it can get its grubby little hands on. Sivara is also useful for feeding Spitelash Siren turns and refunding cheap spells that you can use to trigger Queen Azshara.

Best Deck for Hedra the Heretic

Hedra the Heretic Card Image

Ramp Druid is doing pretty well in the meta with other versions of the deck, but if you're interested in doing something a little different, this Ramp Druid can give you all the fun of playing with way too much Mana (thanks to Wildheart Guff) without the guilt of winning too much. Sad to say that Hedra the Heretic just isn't a reliable powerhouse, as the quality of minions she can summon is incredibly variant. At least this deck doubles down on Giants, running not only Naga Giant, but also Sea Giant to pair with Hedra and Scale of Onyxia.

Best Deck for Kotori Lightblade

Kotori Lightblade Card Image

Kotori Lightblade is most at home in this Buff Paladin deck that runs lots of Spells to cast on its minions. Even if he doesn't do anything special with Noble Mount and Ring of Courage, Kotori can still help win the game by douling up The Garden's Grace for a huge buff to your board, making a couple of minions who can hit hard thanks to Battleground Battlemaster.

Best Deck for Lady Ashvane

Lady Ashvane Card Image

We'll be honest: We didn't expect that much from Lady Ashvane, and it seems that, for the moment, we were right. Warrior's Legendary hasn't carved out a space for herself in the meta just yet, but this deck that runs Outrider's Axe and Azsharan Trident (alongside Forged in Flame) is probably the best the class can do to make use of her Weapon-buffing ability. Completing the Weapon theme is Blackscale Brute to give you some big bodies when you've got a Weapon equipped.

Best Decks for Lady S'theno

Lady S'theno Card Image

Lady S'theno is a Legendary minion that works well in any Demon Hunter deck that runs cheap spells, and it shows in both lists shown here. The first is an aggressive list that includes the Lady as one of many cheap Naga that trigger Predation and can be summoned from the deck by Drek'Thar. The second deck is slower and focused on Fel spell synergies, with enough cheap spells to help Lady S'theno do her work. Queen Azshara is also here, ready to fetch either Xal'atath for extra damage or Tidestone of Golganneth to feed S'theno.

Best Deck for Pirate Admiral Hooktusk

Pirate Admiral Hooktusk Card Image

Pirate Admiral Hooktusk is, obviously, going to be at her best in a deck that runs a lot of pirates. This Pirate Rogue deck does just that to get Hooktusk's Plunder on line. Preparation is here to help cheat out Azsharan Vessel, while Dredges from Gone Fishin', Swordfish, and Tuskarrrr Trawler can find Sunken Vessel.

Best Deck for Priestess Valishj

Priestess Valishj Card Image

Turns out that, even with all the mana cheat that Priestess Valishj offers, there still needs to be a chance of her being a 0 Mana 7/7 to make playing her truly rewarding. Thanks to Switcheroo and Selfish Shellfish, that can happen. The Priestess is only one part of a deck that mainly wins thanks to an army of Shellfish and Fatigue, but she more than earns her keep.

Best Deck for Radiance of Azshara

Radiance of Azshara Card Image

Bioluminescence has given Burn Shaman a new way of bursting down opponents, and Radiance of Azshara is a very flexible minion for the deck to either cheat out Nature spells, get extra damage from its Fire spells, or gain some survivability from its Frost spells. If you get the chance to play Bolner Hammerbeak and School Teacher on the same turn, you should take it.

Best Decks for Raj Naz'jan

Raj Naz'jan Card Image

Raj Naz'jan is good enough that he's featuring in two of the best Hunter archetypes in Standard right now: Face Hunter and Quest Hunter (he's probably also found his way into Beast Hunter). This Face Hunter list is aggressive and packed with spells for the Raj to throw at his opponent's face. Meanwhile, Amalgam of the Deep can help Discover extra copies of Raj Naz'jan, which is always fun. The Quest Hunter deck, predictably, is also packed with spells, but techs in a copy of Emergency Maneuvers to help protect Raj, and Beaststalker Tavish, who can Discover an Improved Emergency Maneuvers.

Best Deck for Za'qul

Za'qul Card Image

Warlock decks that run the Abyssal Curse mechanic are obviously going to want to run Za'qul, if only for a little healing and an extra Curse. This version of the list aims to gain a lot of value by playing Colossals from Ambassador Faelin and Ancient Relics from Queen Azshara, while doubling up on the important things with Core set favorites Brann Bronzebeard and Zola the Gorgon.

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