After BlizzCon we got a small taste of what's to come in Descent of Dragons with the addition of Sathrovarr. He obviously holds a promise of great value, but in what decks is he especially useful, if any? Today we'll take a look at the best performing Sathrovarr decks by using the unrivaled data of

Disclaimer: All numbers shown were correct at the time of writing.

Holy Wrath Paladin (56.1% WR)

Have you ever felt like you could use more than a couple of Shirvallahs in your deck? Sathrovarr quite handily solves that problem and adds some freedom to the usually restricted use of the tiger. Just think of the disgusting amount of value when comboed with 0-Cost Shirvallah. No wonder OTK Paladin seems to be the most popular Sathrovarr deck so far.

Quest Druid (56.1% WR)

Another popular testing arena have been Quest Druid decks, and they're not doing badly either. While Elise might be the value dream, there are a lot of other solid minions as well that you wouldn't feel too sorry about copying. Naturally, also some Malygos versions of the quest decks have seen Sathrovarr-experimentation.

Quest Resurrect Priest (55.1% WR)

Did someone order another N'Zoth? This little value boost has helped Sathrovarr reach a whopping played winrate of 77.1% in this deck. It's like Priests didn't have enough ways to resurrect stuff already...

Highlander Mage (51.8% WR)

What if you could run multiple copies of a card while only having a single copy of each? The first deck where there isn't a single OP copy target is also the one with lowest winrate. This is also the first deck where Sathrovarr doesn't have the highest "played winrate" (surpassed by Alexstrasza).

WILD BONUS: Shudderwock Shaman (57.6% WR)

It just had to be Shudderwock. While being the only Wild deck so far that had enough data for a winrate, it's not looking too shabby, is it? It's almost like having an additional way of copying your almost unstoppable win-condition would benefit a deck here...

BONUS: Malygos OTK Hunter

Remember the Malygos Druid variants I mentioned shortly earlier? Our resident meme OTK seeker MarkMcKz wanted to do things a bit differently and chose to roll with Hunter instead. You might need some RNG to be able to pull off the combo, but it will be even more glorious when you do.

Looking for more ways to use this legendary dreadlord? Take a look at some community created decks!

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