Wild Hearthstone has thousands of cards, and a wide variety of possible decks. This incredible deck diversity is sometimes lost when only looking at the few decks common in the highest ranks. Wildest of Days is a series aiming to highlight a different off-meta deck each week with an in-depth guide into its strategy and gameplay. The decks are selected for having interesting synergies and using rarely seen cards.

Wrathspine Enchanter is a new card, and this deck uses it to create boards and destroy enemy boards. It repeats Eye of the Storm and uses Don't Stand in the Fire!. This effect is replayed twice by Shudderwock, who will summon 6 5/6 Taunts and deal 20 damage to enemy minions. Overall, if you want to play with Wrathspine Enchanters, give this deck a try.

Now, let's get into a guide on playing the deck. It's going to go through major overarching strategies to keep in mind, how to mulligan, gameplay tips on key synergies, and card choices.

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The deck uses removal until it can play Wrathspine Enchanters to take over the board.

Survival - Use your spells and Firemancer Flurgl Toxfin combo to stall.

Wrathspine Enchanter - Use Wrathspine Enchanters to repeat Eye of the Storm and Don't Stand in the Fire!. You can use this board swing to win, if necessary play another enchanter and Shudderwock to repeat the effect twice.

This deck can't go infinite with Shudderwock because it uses all of its board spaces to summon minions. Therefore, it's possible for Control to outvalue it. However, it does have 5 waves of minions - the 2 Wrathspine Enchanters, Shudderwock, and the Eye of the Storms.



The key to playing this deck well is playing Firemancer Flurgl and Toxfin at the optimal time.

Below are gameplay tips regarding many of the synergies in this deck and how to use them effectively.

Be sure to clear your hand of other Nature and Fire spells before casting Wrathspine Enchanter. That can be Lightning Bloom, Scalding Geyser, and Tidal Surge.

You can use Overdraft to unlock the overloaded mana crystals from either Wrathspine Enchanter or Shudderwock - them casting Eye of the Storm and Don't Stand in the Fire! will overload 4 mana crystals and 8 for Shudderwock doing it twice.

Zentimo has great synergy with Windchill, Scalding Geyser, and Tidal Surge.

Lorekeeper Polkelt puts your key minions and spells on top - Eye of the Storm, Shudderwock, Wrathspine Enchanter, and Don't Stand in the Fire!.

Ice Fishing draws Firemancer Flurgl and Toxfin.

Crushclaw Enforcer will draw a Wrathspine Enchanter.

You can save a Scalding Geyser for after Lorekeeper Polkelt to guarantee to get a Lightning Bloom and be able to play Wrathspine Enchanter early.

Be careful about Shudderwock potentially milling you from Multicaster Battlecries - you may want to avoid playing one if you don't need the draw.

Card Choices

This section is going to go through the main packages of cards in the deck. Each package has cards that help the deck with a specific goal. When playing the deck, it's useful to know what purposes each card serves and what other cards in the deck have synergy with it or help achieve the same purpose. This section might also be useful if you're interested in the reasoning for why each card was included in the deck.

Wrathspine Enchanter Package

Wrathspine Enchanter Card Image Shudderwock Card Image Eye of the Storm Card Image Don't Stand in the Fire! Card Image

The core of this deck is the Wrathspine Enchanters, Shudderwock to repeat their effect twice, and the spells themselves.

Other Spells

Lightning Bloom Card Image Overdraft Card Image Scalding Geyser Card Image

Windchill Card Image Ice Fishing Card Image Tidal Surge Card Image

The other spells help with survival, draw, and mana gain.

Other Minions

Toxfin Card Image Firemancer Flurgl Card Image Diligent Notetaker Card Image

Sleetbreaker Card Image Crushclaw Enforcer Card Image Radiance of Azshara Card Image 

Zentimo Card Image Lorekeeper Polkelt Card Image Multicaster Card Image

The other minions help with survival and draw.

Enchanter Shaman uses Wrathspine Enchanter to create powerful board swings. If you have a question or comment, or are wondering about a card substitution, post below.

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