[Updated on May 26] 

Hearthstone Patch 23.2
is now live on desktop, and the known pre-launch issues were joined by a number of known post-launch bugs. There were (and in some cases still are) a couple of relatively major ones that could interfere with your current ability to play the game, certain cards not working correctly, and a few other fairly minor problems.

Luckily, it didn't take long for the first emergency hotfix to be deployed; later followed by a separate small client patch that actually required additional downloading. Since then we've seen even more good news arrive, gradually squashing the remaining bugs and even balancing some of the game aspects:  

Resolved and Pending

This is our previous track record for all outstanding issues: 

  • Some players wre unable to login, apparently requiring them to reinstall the game client or keep trying repeatedly. [Resolved, Patch Download Was Required]
  • Some fights within the new Mercenaries Bounty were locking players out of the game. The new Darkshore zone was even temporarily disabled. [Fully Resolved]
  • If you unlocked your previous Mercenaries Bounties only on Heroic, you could get stuck. The workaround was to also clear the missing Normal Bounties, but that should no longer be necessary in order to proceed. [Resolved]
  • Certain cards/effects were not functioning properly. [Fully Resolved]

Other than that:

  • The Mercenaries Event N'Zoth Timer was incorrect, showing < 1 Hr left. [Resolved]
  • Some missing Mercenaries portraits. [Resolved]
  • Framerate settings on mobile difficult or impossible to access (related to FPS options).
  • Nellie, the Great Thresher and friends causing disconnects still not fixed. [Partially Resolved]
  • Battlegrounds on mobile devices cut off the bottom hero
  • Deck codes/decklists not being consistently saved across different devices. 
  • Upgrade to Golden card functionality had wrong text if you had 1 Normal and 1 Golden copy of a card [Resolved]

As usual, we'll be keeping an eye on future known issues updates and keep you posted.

More From Patch 23.2

If you missed any other details from this patch, we've got you covered!

Hearthstone's 23.2 Patch Known Issues

Quote From GnomeSayin

Hello all,

Follow this thread for information about known issues in Patch 23.2, launching today.

Patch 23.2 will be launching with the following known issues:

  • [Resolved 5/19]: When viewing the normal (non-golden) version of a card when you have 1 normal and 1 golden, the Create/Upgrade message will ask if you want to “Create a new golden or Upgrade a normal?” That “Create” button will actually create a normal version, matching the Dust cost indicated. The text will be corrected in a future patch. In the meantime, the players can use the existing “Undo” function if they accidentally craft a different card or card version than intended.
  • [Resolved 5/13]: The Mercenaries N’Zoth event timer will show that the new event “ends in 1 hr.” That is not correct and will be updated after the launch. The N’Zoth event will be available until Patch 23.4.

Post-launch issues:

  • [Resolved 5/10]: The team is tracking reports of players getting locked out when trying to complete the new Mercenaries Bounties. The team will be temporarily disabling the Darkshore zone while this issue is resolved.
  • [Resolved 5/10]: The team is aware that Deck of Lunacy, Cheesemonger, Enchanted Cauldron, and a few other cards/effects that use the same tech are not functioning after the patch. The team is working on a solution.
  • [Resolved 5/11]: The team is aware that some players are unable to login after the patch and being told they need to update. The team is working on a solution that they expect to implement soon. In the meantime, some players are reporting that they resolved the issue themselves by reinstalling the game client or repeatedly attempting to login.
  • [Added 5/11]: The team is aware that the frame rate dropdown can’t be fully utilized on some mobile devices.
  • [Resolved 5/13]: The team is investigating reports of players unable to enter certain Bounties (such as the Mi’da Bounty as part of the N’Zoth event). It appears that this error happens when the Bounty was unlocked by defeating on the previous Bounty (or Bounties) only on Heroic. While the team works on a permanent solution, a workaround to this issue is to go back and defeat the preceding Bounty (or Bounties) on Normal and then return to the one you are unable to access.
  • [Resolved 5/13]: The team is aware that the Mercenaries N’Zoth Event Task 6 is not progressing properly. The team has identified the cause of that issue and is working on a resolution for a hotfix planned to come soon.
  • [Resolved 5/13]: The team is aware that a small number of players are getting “Playful Sprites” when trying to login in 23.2 if they had the Random Card Back equipped prior to the patch. The team has identified the cause of that issue and is working on a resolution for a hotfix planned to come soon.
  • [Resolved 5/13]: The team is investigating reports of Call of the Grave’s second effect not activating after the patch.
  • [Added 5/17]: The team is aware that the Send Deck Codes in Chat feature does not work on mobile devices. The team is investigating the issue.
  • [Added 5/17]: The team is aware that Frozen Mammoth is still able to be drafted by some Arena classes. The team is investigating the issue.
  • [Added 5/17]: The team is investigating reports of deck codes/decklists not saving or being inconsistent across devices.
  • [Resolved 5/19]: The team is aware that some Rexxar Mercenaries Portraits appear to have feigned death. The team is working on a fix for players who lost access to those Portraits to get them back. Any players who lost Rexxar Portraits from this bug and then received those same Portraits again before the bug is fixed will get awarded a different Rexxar Portrait with the bug fix (or, if all Rexxar Portraits are owned, Rexxar Coins).
  • [Partially Resolved 5/19]: The team is investigating reports that some cards/effects are still causing disconnects after the patch. Update: The team added a mitigation step with Patch 23.2.2 and is working on a permanent solution.
  • [Partially Resolved 5/20]: The team is investigating reports that Battlegrounds Ratings are not progressing as expected when playing in a lobby with friends. Update: The team has pushed out an update that will avoid this issue if the party leader for your lobby is playing on desktop. The fix for if the party leader playing on mobile will be included in the next major patch.

We will update this post as we have more information to share.