Hearthstone can be played to win games, but it can also be played for fun. We've collected 8 strange Standard decks that don't have the best winrates, but do have a funrate that's through the roof! Funrate's a thing, right?

RangDipkin's Krush Combo Hunter

This deck is using the double spell ability of Twinbow Terrorcoil to get two copies of King Krush from Revive Pet, but that's not all it can do to kill its opponent with a big Dinosaur. RangDipkin has provided a full guide to the deck's numerous combos and minutia, so we'd suggest you check that out if you want to reenact Jurassic Park with an unwilling opponent.

Brian Kibler's Battlecry Shaman

Kibler's quest to find a viable Shaman deck took him at first to this slower, greedier list that uses the Battlecry synergies of Brilliant Macaw, Brann Bronzebeard, and Bolner Hammerbeak to get a ton of value from School Teacher, Zola the Gorgon, and Mutanus the Devourer, among others. He later abandoned this list for a more Elemental-focused one, but we think this deck can still give you a good time.

bananaMurloc's Reno Warrior

What do you get when you combine Control Warrior with Reno Jackson? Well, you get a deck with a ton of Legendary minions that it can play to wear down its opponent's removal and life total while using weapons and spells to answer threats in the most Warrior way possible. Vanndar Stormpike is the key card to keep in the mulligan.

Vanndar Pirate Rogue

Sorting decks on HSReplay by reverse winrate is how you find out that Savjz has been streaming with this greedy pile, which combines Vanndar Stormpike with Shadowstep so it can play Edwin, Defias Kingpin for 1, and do other stuff as well. It has the Pufferfist Plague Scientist combo, so it's got to be good, right?

Bless Priest

Bless works really well with the recently-nerfed Switcheroo, so it's time to put that synergy to use in this Combo Priest deck that uses big-butted minions like Humongous Razorleaf and Injured Tol'vir alongside all the cheap spells that Priests like to run to make a fairly big minion that can smack the opponent's face.

Piranha Shaman

Piranha Shaman is a deck that gets a lot better if you can find Drek'Thar, as it has a number of good minions (Piranha Poacher, Reefwalker, Anchored Totem) that generate or synergize with Piranha Swarmer while costing less that 4 mana. The plan is to keep playing until you stick a board long enough to find Bloodlust lethal.

Naga Questline Druid

Lost in the Park got Seaweed Strike from the new expansion, so that's reason enough to try the deck out again. This list, however, has some spice: School Teacher, whose Nagalings can Discover extra copies of Strike, Feral Rage, or Pounce, and Queen Azshara, whose Ring of Tides can copy one of the aforementioned Questline-advancing spells, or Mark of the Spikeshell for more Guff the Tough.

Big Spell Mage

You don't need our permission to play Big Spells, and this deck seems better than any currently extant archetypes to make use of the Cost-swapping ability of Barbaric Sorceress. Kalecgos came back to Standard specifically to help this archetype out, so it would be rude not to play it.

Have your own fun decks? Share them with our deckbuilder, and include a guide so everyone can find it more easily.

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