The weekend is about to get Wild again as our community members have once again tinkered with some wacky decks to share with you. Take a break from your Battlegrounds climb and witness the variety of decks Wild has to offer!

Big Rogue

Let's start by bringing out the big guns with sbergs's Rogue list. Who needs Barnes when you have Kobold Illusionist with some Deathrattle shenanigans to give you plenty of big guys you shouldn't have that early in the game.

Darkest Hour Warlock

Continuing with the theme, Dman1337 has made a deal with the Demons that allows him to swap some Imps with bigger minions thanks to Darkest Hour.

Summoning Stone Paladin

As someone who loved Summoning Stone Druid when it was first introduced I really like the idea behind Gam3rPr0's deck. Paladins have so many minions that work well with buffs, like Lynessa Sunsorrow, that it seems like a natural fit. There are also whispers about sightings of the legendary kaleidosaur Galvadon.

Highlander Shaman

Haussenfuss has combined different Shaman strategies into one with the help of the one and only Shudderwock. You'll have at least Jades, Deathrattles, and Jades with Deathrattles alongside a lot of healing, much of which will be repeated by Shudderwock.

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Highlander Priest

Here's a new storymode-guide from JFK, telling the tale of The Princess Bride with an almost 100% accuracy compared to the original novel. The deck itself seems solid as well.

Need even more Wild? Take a look at these Wild decks.

Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!