Rogue takes the stage today as the other class for which we got a ridiculous amount of cards in the initial reveal. As always, we will be providing you with the indisputably correct analysis of these cards, which you should definitely take as gospel and come yell at me if it somehow turns out wrong.

Galakrond, the Nightmare Card Image
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Galakrond, the Apocalypse Card Image Galakrond, Azeroth's End Card Image Galakrond's Guile Card Image

It's not a Sprint, it's a Galakrond.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

Rogue's Galakrond seems insanely good. We've already seen some fairly good Invokers, so it shouldn't be an issue for you to have upgraded him fully by turn 7 - and you're getting a Lackey every time you do it, too, which means you can really play the value game with him.

I'm not completely sure what the remains of the shell will be - do you focus in on that Lackey synergy, or are they merely an additional bonus to the pressure you can put on with your card advantage? Whatever the case may be, I'm confident that we'll see this played in a high tier deck.

Waxadred Card Image
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Waxadred's Candle Card Image

Wax on, Wax draw.

Quote From FrostyFeet

Waxadred is a very interesting card. Value-wise, it's really good. Stats slightly more worth its mana cost and an effect that makes it unkillable without silencing it. Waxadred's Candle costs you nothing so you'll basically get a free 7/5 at some point of the game. And there's also room for all kind of Deathrattle shenanigans with e.g. Necrium Blade. Having said that, I still somehow doubt that it would see too much play, especially outside Deathrattle-oriented decks. I feel like it would fill a very similar role than Cairne Bloodhoof but with a more RNG-reliant Deathrattle as you might not get another Waxadred during the whole game. And Cairne Bloodhoof isn't seeing that much play at the moment either. I'm more than happy to be wrong though.

Umbral Skulker Card Image
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She's got a perfect smokey eye... and everything else, actually.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

This is an interesting card. Certainly the advantage it provides you - a flexible 3 mana to throw out whenever you need, that can activate combos or spell synergies - is fantastic. Is it the kind of card you want in a Galakrond deck, though? The decks I've been envisaging don't necessarily play into this effect - they could use it, sure, but I don't know that this will make the cut, at least in those decks.

This will only ever find a use in Galakrond decks. Whether Galakrond decks will go in a direction that needs it is another matter entirely.

Seal Fate Card Image
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Kiss from a Rogue.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

This is just good. 3 damage is a tried and true good amount - certainly better when on a 2 mana card, but 3 mana isn't bad when you also get a Lackey out of it. Again, nowhere near strong enough to see play outside of a dedicated Galakrond deck - I mean, compare it to Backstab or Eviscerate, for Yogg's sake - but I anticipate this making the cut in every Rogue Galakrond deck.

The only way this won't see play is if Galakrond doesn't see play, I feel.

Dragon's Hoard Card Image
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Why do Dragon's Hoard? Dragon's bored.

Quote From Demonxz95

Dragon's Hoard presents a fun, flashy twist on the typical Burgle Rogue. Whereas normally, Burgle Rogue support normally just throws you "whatever", this limits the pool and a bit and gives you some choice. Limiting the pool to Legendaries allows each player to have some idea as to what they'll get, and it will allow you to get a more fun and on average possibly better card as a result. There are very few irredeemably terrible class Legendaries (looking at you, Duskfallen Aviana), and even if you get one as a choice, it doesn't screw you over because of the Discover. As a 1 mana card, it's also a simple Combo enabler that replaces itself with a Legendary and it still works in mirror matches too!

Overall, it's a really "wacky" inclusion in Burgle Rogue, that may actually have a chance of replacing Pilfer in Standard. Even if it doesn't become a meta card for most Burgle Rogues, it'll still be run for style points.

Candle Breath Card Image
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In Kobold Kingdom, candle blows out you!

Quote From sinti

Looks like a pretty powerful card draw for Dragon Rogue, if that can become a thing. Bad Sprint without dragons, superb Arcane Intellect with dragons.

I already predict that Miracle Galakrond Rogue just has to become a thing. The battlecry is begging for it. Throw in more support for good ol' Gadgetzan Auctioneer with The Coins from Umbral Skulker and Candle Breath might tie a nice bow on it. Waxadred, being a dragon and having synergy with drawing cards from your deck, fully supports this as well. That being said, could be that we might have to wait until 2020 once Myra's Unstable Element rotates, we shall see.

Praise Galakrond! Card Image
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Raise Galakrond. Praise Galakrond. Slays Galakrond.

Quote From FrostyFeet

I think the card is a lot better than it might first seem. You definitely wouldn't run this solely for the primary effect, just thinking about Blessing of Might or the now-nerfed Cold Blood would make Rogues cry. But since we have to take into account Galakrond's Guile getting triggered by the Invoke effect, the card seems a lot better, easily outvalueing e.g. Sinister Deal. Two 1-Cost cards packed into one in a deck that loves Combo triggers? Getting further with your quest of having an insanely powerful Galakrond, Azeroth's End? That's a double yes from me as I fully expect this to be part of all Galakrond Rogue builds.