The most wondrous time of Hearthstone year is here once more with card reveals, but that doesn't stop our Wild posts. Take a break from refreshing the front page in the hope of new card reveals and check out some of the decks our community members have brewed this time.

Aggro Nomi Paladin

Let's start aggressively with this Paladin deck from Noyzz. Play a lot of cheap minions to win the board and whenever you feel like so, Hemet away the rest of your deck to activate Chef Nomi for one big board.

Highlander Secret Mage

If you still haven't reached the rank you wanted this season, Wendeee has a deck for you. The core of classical Secret Mage has gotten some Highlander value cards to its side in this iteration of one of the best performing Wild decks out there.

Mecha'thun Linecracker Druid

This deck is taking advantage of one of the wackiest combos so far, Linecracker + BEEEES!!! interaction followed by Earthen Scales. To secure the win, adlerauge1978 also added the Mecha'thun win condition should your opponent start to threaten your hoard of armor.

OTK Hunter

ARES just loves tinkering with Hunter combos, and this time he had this Clockwork Automaton OTK list to share. When things go well you don't even need to have 10 Mana to be able to throw a giant axe to your opponent's face.

Thief Rogue

Every game will be a bit different with SirHerpDerp's Rogue list as the cards you steal will mold your gameplan. What you should always try to do is to have a Spectral Cutlass in hand for buffs and get the near infinite healing from it.

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Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!