In the wake of the Blizzard-organized Battlegrounds Brawl streamer event comes another tournament where the new gamemode is in the spotlight. Hearthstone BattleGrind, organized by Esports Arena and Bytes Events, gathers 100+ eager participants to fight for glory and the grand prize of $500 while gathering some bounties on the way. Read on to find out more!


Unlike the Blizzard tournament which happened in a closed participants-only tournament environment, BattleGrind will be a true online tournament.

  • All players will create new Americas server accounts for the tournament.
  • Players are allowed to start at 11:00 PST/14:00 EST/ 20:00 CET.
  • The tournament will last 12 hours; all games that started before or at 22:59 PST will count towards the results.
  • The person with the highest rating is crowned the winner.
  • All games must be streamed, and players are not allowed to queue with friends.
  • Players are allowed to stream their own games with the same delay as in the official stream.

Bounties and Leaderboard Awards

In addition to trying to gain as many points as possible, players can choose to try to get some bounties on the way. Only the first player to reach the bounty goal gets the award. The bounties are

  • Perfect game (40 Health victory).
  • Perfect Patchwerk game (60 Health victory).
  • Deal 35 damage to a living opponent (i.e. already eliminated players do not count).
  • Create a golden Shifter Zerus.
  • Create a minion with over 250/300 Health (the number varied between sources).
  • Win a game with 1 Health remaining.
  • Win a game with both of the statistically worst heroes, Patches and Putricide.
  • Create a (non-Pogo) minion with over 100 Attack.

These bounties will give a variety of different awards that can be found here. Additionally, a custom portrait (art commission) award will be given for the current leader at every other hour.


Some familiar faces can be seen on the participant list. The full participant list can be found here.










We've embedded the official stream below but don't forget to pop by your favourite player's own stream as well.