What a day! Starting out with some Fluffy Warlock cards and finishing with a 4-in-1 video, we've got a total of 8 cards to look at! As always, we only give the best, most accurate reviews. Ask anyone, they'll tell you our reviews are magnificent, really stand-up writing. No Fake News here!

Crazed Netherwing Card Image

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Duskbreaker 2: Enforcer Boogaloo

Quote From Demonxz95

Warlock Dragon synergy! It's really cool and exciting to see these classes who never had Dragon synergy now get it.

This card anyway is super strong. Do you guys remember Duskbreaker? Well, he's here again (and this time, he hits both faces). You're getting a Hellfire with a 1 mana 5/5 here, which is really good to say the least. Abyssal Enforcer saw play, and this has a better stats:cost ratio, so of course it's going to be good. Auto-include in all Dragon Warlock decks. At this point, the question becomes "will Dragon Warlock decks be good?" - If so, then expect to see this card everywhere, and you're probably gonna hate it because it's just that strong.

Nether Breath Card Image

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Truly Ghastly.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

This is… bonkers. And it's hilarious, because it's entirely possible that this incredibly powerful, borderline broken card won't see play by simple virtue of being stuck in a class that needs to get all of its Dragon synergy from this expansion.

Warlock has traditionally become very powerful when given access to good healing. And dealing 4 damage with Lifesteal for only 2 mana is very, very good healing. It's an Eviscerate, but better; a Frostbolt, but better; a Darkbomb, but better. I can't begin to understand why this card is a Warlock card, when the class should struggle with both direct damage and healing. Yet here we are.

Dragon Warlock remains untested for now, but one of the key components to its potential success will be this ridiculous card.

Necrium Apothecary Card Image

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"Ooh, that looks like a fun way to die!"

Quote From Demonxz95

This card has some interesting potential. Rogue has quite a bit of Deathrattle shenanigans, and with Waxadred, they have a tool to create even more craziness.

This reminds me of Myra Rotspring, except better. You can control what Deathrattles you copy to some degree, and it thins your deck. That's not even considering that it has better stats and you can run 2 of them. The only downside compared to Myra is its Combo effect, but surely there's always a way to make that work.

It's hard to say how good it will be, and it's very meta-dependent. Such a strategy can easily be weak against various decks, but it's sure to produce a lot of fun and craziness to keep you coming back. I’d say it's an exciting card to try out for Deathrattle Rogues.

Amber Watcher Card Image

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Watching and waiting.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

Antique Healbot truly is showing its age now.

Now, I don't think anyone would argue that this isn't a strictly better Antique Healbot. It can target anything with its heal, it's a Dragon which is more relevant than a Mech in the current climate, and it gets more stats on top of it all. I don't need to convince anyone that this is a very strong card. What I can say is that that is perfectly okay.

Antique Healbot's strength - and it's failure in design - was its neutrality. It gave classes like Warlock and Rogue access to the kinds of healing they simply shouldn't have, not then and not now. Paladin, on the other hand, excels at single target healing; this is a Paladin card to a tee, and in Paladin it's a perfectly fine card; strong, perhaps, but not overtly or ridiculously so.

I think this is a great example of how powercreep isn't a one-dimensional issue, and how a simple tweak of a class can make all the difference.

Kronx Dragonhoof Card Image

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Pull the lever, Kronx!

Quote From linkblade91

Kronx is bonkers. Maybe not as good as Zephrys the Great, because Zephrys has more universal options like Silence, but Kronx is still a 5-star card. Let's start with option 1: the draw. Tutors are a powerful tool; pulling what you want at a given moment is something every deck desires. Kronx is in an enviable position of being able to pull exactly the right card, with zero chance for errors, with the only exception being if you drew Galakrond already. If you want Galakrond, Kronx will give him to you…period. Option 2 is where things get spicy, as the Devastations put Kalimos, Primal Lord and his Elemental Invocations to shame. Four doors, four strong options. Heavy board clear? Check. Huge minion? Check. Finisher potential? Double check, depending on your board state and the enemy health total.

If Galakrond sees play, for any reason, Kronx will be right alongside him. He is the Twin Emperor Vek'lor of Galakrond: a Neutral Legendary that goes hand-in-hand with a card you were given for free, to encourage you to drop dust on a (potentially-)strong archetype. I will be playing Galakrond Warrior for sure, and I will craft Kronx if I don't pull him.

Veranus Card Image

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The sun is in love.

Quote From sinti

Veranus looks like a pretty powerful control tool, but don't be fooled, given his great stats, you can easilly play him on curve to help you trade away a single minion and it will be worth it. As with all of the new and powerful dragons, discover is going to be strong with this one. I think we can look back at Vol'jin in comparison, this has better stats, hits entire enemy board, has a dragon tag and can be played for tempo without a Battlecry. Better in every way.

Camouflaged Dirigible Card Image

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Dalaran's forecast was way off, look at how cloudy it is!

Quote From sinti

Stealth is a powerful tool. We already know that. Being able to protect your board from enemy minions is a big advantage, be it just to safeguard it for a turn or to help keep some bodies up for buffs and magnetization. Not to mention it can enable some pretty nasty plays, looking at you SN1P-SN4P.

Hot Air Balloon Card Image

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Boom opens his mouth and accidentally launches them into space.

Quote From sinti

Interesting card. I guess non-mech decks will still favor Dire Mole and likes over this, but mech decks could have a decent option to start magnetizing early. And once you do get a buff on it, getting free Health each turn can help with further survivability. I could definitely see this making it even into some Priest decks, where you can heal and/or buff it and have a really good base for follow up plays from T1 alongside Northshire Clerics.