Hearthstone is giving out compensation for issues with the 15.6 Patch and the Brawliseum bugs from last week.

  • 300 Gold if you had an active Brawliseum run.
  • 3 Uldum Packs if you downloaded the 15.6 update between Nov 5 and 11.

Quote From Chris Sierra

Hey Folks,

We owe you all an update on compensation, so here it is! Recently, we encountered some tough issues during the 15.6 patch, along with the Brawliseum Tavern Brawl having to be disabled due to some major gameplay issues. To say “Thank You!” for bearing with us, we are granting the following rewards to those affected tomorrow, Nov. 26:

  • 15.6 Patch Issues: 3 Saviors of Uldum Card Packs
    • Note: This will be granted to players who downloaded 15.6 between Nov. 5 - 11
  • Brawliseum - Battle of the Bans Issues: 300 Gold
    • Note: This will be granted to any player that had an active Brawliseum run when the issues occurred

Thanks again for sticking with us!

The Hearthstone Team