We've already reached the halfway of Hearthstone Global Games as the tournament continues with games from the round of 16. After this round there will be a three-week long hiatus as the new expansion is already lurking around the corner.

Tournament Format - Round of 16

Remember the rules from Round of 32? Good, this will work exactly the same.

  • 16 countries left, each team having two players.
  • Bo5 Conquest, 4 decks with 1 ban.
  • Teams are divided in 4 groups of four.
  • Each group plays through a double elimination bracket, with top 2 teams advancing to the next phase.


The teams have been grouped based on regions, once again.

  • Group A consists of APAC teams: Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, and Thailand.
  • Group B will have both APAC and Americas representatives: Argentina, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Taiwan.
  • Group C is a Europe-fiesta: France, Italy, Norway, and United Kingdom
  • Group D has even more Europeans: Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, and Romania.

You can find the detailed brackets on Playhearthstone.com but BEWARE, this week's matches have already been played off-stream. If you don't want to get spoiled, don't click the link. You should be able to see the VoDs of all the games without getting spoiled here once the games have been streamed, just click the i-icon.


If your timezone isn't listed here, you can take a look the official site, where the sidebar should have the start time listed according to your regional time.


West Coast


East Coast






November 295:008:0014:0022:00
November 305:008:0014:0022:00
December 15:008:0014:0022:00


We'll have the decklists of the eight advancing teams added to the site early next week in our result post! Stay tuned!