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Chenvaala Card Image

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You've a Soul of Ice; you're willing to sacrifice some spells.

Quote From sinti

This is an interesting take on the "cycle mechanic" Mage has going for it last few expansions. It allows you to get an immediate board presence via cycling your spells rather than future value with cards like Mana Cyclone or Dune Sculptor. Similar in playstyle to Vex Crow, but you have to work for the 5/5s more than you would have for the 2-drops, which you are rewarded for with bigger bodies. Maybe a Wild deck with Flamewaker can rise to the occasion, giving the deck more versatility.

Talking about spells on a stick this expansion, we've had Assassinate with Flik Skyshiv, Sprint with Valdris Felgorge and now we have a … necklace on a stick?:o This card is basically Dragon Soul for elementals. Obviously it will play differently as a minion than a weapon, though I do feel like Mage can get more out of the effect than Priest and also elemental tag, for the card itself and tokens, has great synergy in the class.

Elemental Evocation might be a combo piece to look out for, it already worked wonders for Mana Cyclone, it will work for Chenvaala too.

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza Card Image

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Hopefully this Dragonqueen doesn't go crazy.

Quote From Demonxz95

Before I get into the actual card itself, I'd like to point out that Allie's reveal videos are always awesome. If you haven't watched her reveal video for this card, go watch it. It's great, and her cosplay in that video is just as awesome.

Into the actual card though, I wasn't expecting a Reno effect, but at the same time, it's kind of awesome flavorwise to symbolize her alliance with the League of Explorers. The effect can be an occasional hit or miss, but usually it's going to be pretty good. If you're lucky enough to somehow get another Dragonqueen Alexstrasza (as Allie got in her reveal video through Azure Explorer generated by her), then you're going to be rolling in value. The randomness might falter its playability a little bit, but I expect that it justifies the experimentation of a Highlander-Dragon deck. Isn't Reno supposed to be a Dragon after all? If you're running one, try this card out. It just naturally fits.

In Wild, you could get something like two Twilight Whelps, although in Standard, chances are you'll usually get one large Dragon, or 2 medium-sized Dragons. I'd say this has a pretty good chance of experimentation seeing as how Highlander decks are already seeing play. You don't even need Dragons for the effect to work, but it wouldn't hurt to add at least a few.

Diving Gryphon Card Image

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Drying his wings after is a nightmare.

Quote From linkblade91

If you think of Rush minions as spells that can only damage minions, Diving Gryphon functions very similarly to a Shadow Bolt that tutors another Rush card. In a class that lacks both in Draw and Removal, the combination is wonderful. It supports Clear the Way, can pull heavy-hitters such as Zilliax and Oondasta, and could even tutor itself to keep the chain going. The Beast tag allows for additional shenanigans; replicating the Gryphon with Dire Frenzy, for example, or pairing it with Scavenging Hyena in the early game. This is a solid card.

Transmogrifier Card Image

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They're just painting the gem orange, what a rip-off.

Quote From Demonxz95

So here's our quintessential meme card of the set. I'm not going to evaluate this from a competitive standpoint, because the card isn't intended to be used like that. It won't see any serious play, but it's not supposed to.

But if you do want to play this, you'd need to play it in a deck that draws a lot of cards. Plot Twist Warlock decks are a perfect home for this effect to get a lot of Legendaries fast. Rogue can also abuse this effect well. Perhaps Priest could also combo this Princess Talanji somehow. The only serious application is that it might nullify a Bomb or Corrupted Blood, although this is a bit inconsistent.

Obviously, it’s going to be better to draw the cards that you put in your deck nearly 100% of the time, but if you feel like just messing around for a little bit, you might put this little fella in to create some silly games. It’s also going to create a bit of hilarity (and maybe frustration) if pulled from a random effect.

Ancharrr Card Image

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What's a Pirate's favourite card? Probably still Patches.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

Well, this was unexpected.

I've gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed that the first Legendary weapon since the concept was introduced to the game is wasted on a joke card like this. This could've easily been a Rare or a Common. It's not like it'd be horrifyingly overpowered to have two of them in your deck. I'm not even sure it's worth playing one.

Warrior really needs to see some additional Pirate support in its remaining cards if this wants to have any chance of seeing play. Right now everything else it has is just far too strong in comparison. Pirates are an aggressive deck that would probably enjoy the refill, sure, but it's just not good enough in Standard, I think.

I suppose it's fitting it's an anchor at least, seeing as the deck won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Breath of the Infinite Card Image

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She can do this all day.

Quote From sinti

Let's start with the obvious, this is a Volcanic Potion that can be "upgraded" if you're holding a Dragon in your hand. I'd say that is a pretty damn amazing AoE! Will definitely see play in any Dragon deck, easilly.

Now, to the matter at hand … the hell is this wording? I'm going to assume that they chose this phrasing so they could fit the effect on 4 lines of text, which is the maximum ever used so far on a Hearthstone card. But that does not excuse the confusion the wording creates. "Enemies" implies enemy hero as well, which is not how the card works, we saw that in the reveal video. I would argue "…only damage enemy minions." would fit in there barely, but it would and it would be very clear as to how the card works from the get go. Oh well, maybe next time :)

Kobold Stickyfinger Card Image

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It's not his fault, it's all the wax on his hands.

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

Now this is a cool weapon tech!

Occasionally printing in new weapon counters is a common practice for the devs, similar to Secret counters; until recently we didn't even have any of those in the Basic and Classic set! This actually borrows the idea from the Secret counters, as Kezan Mystic was nabbing Secrets as early as Goblins vs Gnomes.

Now, this does have the worst stats to mana cost ratio of any weapon counter so far, but it also has the absolute best effect of any weapon counter. Taking your opponent's weapon effectively gives this card a damaging Battlecry as well, as you can swing with the weapon straight away. You might even get to keep on doing it if they had more than one charge left.

It's a high mana cost compared to Acidic Swamp Ooze, so it's harder to weave into a turn, but it does offer you some agency beyond just playing the minion for the turn, so I expect this to see some experimentation if there's widely used weapons in Standard. Where this really shines is Wild, though; get ready to see some salty Rogues and Druids as their Kingsbanes and Twigs of the World Tree get nicked.

Dread Raven Card Image

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All these Ravens gathering together, getting stronger... some kind of conspiracy if you ask me.

Quote From sinti

Had this card been a common or rare, I'd say this would be a decent addition to a budget zoo or midrange decks. Good stats for a 3-drop with an upside. But since it is an epic, it is probably going to end up being a pack filler imho. No one is going to craft this as a must have, nor is the effect that amazing.

Realistically, how do you get more than two copies of this? In Rogue, but if that is your goal, you are not duplicating a random 3-drop in the first place. Hunter maybe? You can meme it out with Dire Frenzy I guess. There are some other tools, but even less consistent. Without some additional support, this card truly feels absolutely random, identity wise at least.